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How to Export Exchange 2003 Mailbox to PST Over 2GB

MS Exchange 2003 server amongst its many compatibility features, allows Exchange Administrators to export Exchange database files to a new server or newer file formats. However, while performing the Exchange database migration, they often come across issues like “mailbox over 2 GB” when they run Microsoft suggested Exchange utility Exmerge.exe. The reason is that inbuilt programming Algorithms do not support Export Exchange 2003 EDB to PST for more than 2 GB and shows an error. To handle this gap the best feasible option is to deploy Stellar EDB to PST Converter and migrate mailboxes irrespective of their file size.

Exmerge.exe is an exchange utility used by Admins for Exchange 2003 to migrate mailboxes to PST and other file formats. However, before exporting mailbox, users need to verify the following points:

Verify that

Outcome if not verified
You have necessary permissions.
If the necessary permissions are not available, then Exchange Administrator cannot apply utilities on the server
What is Ex-merge and how it is used?
Knowledge about the utility and its usage helps in easy and fast application

Pre-configure Exchange 2003 server-dependent services

Prepares Exchange server for data transfer, else migration is not successful
Check size of the mailbox.
If mailbox size is small, then Exchange utility concludes the export-job, smartly.

Verify that the mailbox is not in offline mode.
Exchange utility is not meant for data transfer for mailboxes in offline mode

Before starting with export Exchange 2003 EDB to PST, it is better to understand the Roles of Exmerge.exe utility. Following are the Roles of Exmerge:

  1. Exports Exchange 2003 server mailbox to PST
  2. Provides Graphical mode for extraction
  3. Requires several permissions and pre-configuration
  4. Server dependent utility and provides Exchange professionals with necessary Import-Export functions.

     Once you have verified and configured Exchange, execute the following steps:

  • Install and Run ExMerge.exe utility and click on Next button
  • Choose the option “Export or Import” and again click on Next button
  • An option displays stating “Select Data from Exchange Server Mailbox”. Click on the displayed message followed by Next
  •  Enter the name of server where the mailbox is to be extracted
  •  Select the location for mailbox database and checkbox for single or multiple mailboxes to export and click on Next button
  • Go to Location Selection page and click on Next button. Choose the desired destination to save PST file
  •  PST file is saved at selected location. Confirm completion of the process by confirming creation of corresponding PST file

Sometimes mailbox is not converted into PST file, due to the limitations of Ex-merge utility. Export Exchange 2003 EDB to PST process faces following limitations:

  1. PST file size restricted to 2GB. Ex-Merge utility restricts Exchange 2003 export mailbox to PST over 2 GB
  2. Cannot extract Unmounted or offline mailboxes
  3. Dependency on Live-production environment and pre-configured services
  4. Works with server’s pre-set internal configurations to run services and to set permissions
Ex-merge Exchange Utility generates the following errors when it faces either of the above mentioned limitations:
  1. Exmerge does not have required permissions to migrate selected mailboxes
  2. PST cannot be saved. Insufficient hard disk space
  3. Unmounted or corrupted Information Store
  4. Unable to mount mailboxes with corrupted emails

What is the best solution? 

Exchange Administrators always have a backup plan ready to combat any unforeseen state of affairs. One of these backup plans includes opting for a reliable software like Stellar EDB to PST Converter which can convert EDB to PST without any size-limitations. 

How does the software work?

  • Launch Stellar EDB to PST Converter Software
  • Select the EDB file from Exchange database. Alternately, Find EDB if the location is not known
  • Click on Start button and the software starts scanning of EDB file or mailbox. A progress bar shows that the scanning is in progress
  • Verify file components as the software displays a preview of all the recoverable items. All the converted mailboxes available in the EDB file are listed in the preview pane
  • Click the mailbox to export to PST
  • Go to the main menu and click on Save button and Stellar EDB to PST Saving options are displayed.
  •  Checkmark for PST, browse the destination path to save the converted PST file and click Ok button
  • Specified mailbox is converted to PST file with no restriction on file size and the process of Exchange 2003 export mailbox to PST over 2GB is successfully achieved. 


Stellar EDB to PST Converter software can easily export Exchange 2003 Mailbox to PST. However, there are other features also which classifies this software as unique. The software recovers accidentally deleted offline mailboxes and supports conversion of Unicode EDB files. Software also facilitates selective conversion to save user time and effort. Save and Load scan feature allows users to save the converted file after a time gap without repeated scanning. Implementing the right tool at the right time always ensures business continuity.


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