Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Export Windows Live Mail Files to Outlook PST

In my previous article “migration from Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook” I have discussed some robust and advanced features factors that make Outlook a better choice as compared to Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail possess a limited set of features that makes it suitable for home users but if you are a professional then, you need an Email Client with wider set of functionalities. If you are a Windows Live Mail user and want to avail the robust feature set of MS Outlook, you can migrate from Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook.

How to access Windows Live Mail Files in Outlook?  
Windows Live Mail and MS Outlook both Email Clients are Microsoft application. Outlook supports PST file format and Windows Live Mail supports EML file format. So, if you want to access Windows Live Mail Files in Outlook, you need to convert the EML file to PST file format.

Steps to export the Windows Live Mail files to MS Outlook:

1.Open Windows Live Mail.
2.Go to File -> Export -> Email messages.
3.Select ‘Microsoft Exchange’ in the format tab.
4.Click Next.
After clicking next a new message screen will appear saying “all the emails will be exported to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange.”
5.Click Ok
6.If you want to export only selective email folders then, go to ‘Select folders’ option to make the desired selections.
7.Click Ok.
8.Click ‘Finish’ when the Export gets completed.

These steps effectively helpful to convert your EML file to PST file. But, sometimes it may lead to an errors and data loss while converting EML file to PST file. If you are a naive user then, its better to use some EML file to PST file conversion utility that provides you a lot of ingenious features. These tools provide a comprehensive and interactive user interface as well as a set of options such as selective conversion that makes the conversion process easy to handle.