Wednesday, 15 January 2014

How To Extract Important Data From Corrupt or Damaged BKF Files Easily

Data backup refers to replicating and archiving the data (including files like excel ,word, PPT, images, etc.) which can be used to bring back the original data in case of any failure. As data saved on a hard drive is never safe, it is good to have a backup copy of every necessary file saved in a protected place.

With the technical developments in the field of storage media, the storage devices are getting cheaper and condensed in size. In order to get rid of the data failure circumstances, the Windows users have the choice to backup the precious data using the integral utility, which generates the backup of the data in the form of BKF files.

You could get the following error codes when you attempt to back up files or folders by using Windows Backup and Restore:
0×80070001 (Invalid Function)

This problem takes place when you attempt to back up a particular library or when you admit the default settings in Windows Backup and Restore. You get "Invalid Function" error message when you try to back up files or folders by making use of Windows Backup and Restore.

This problem takes place when Windows Backup get failed while trying to read from the shade copy on one of the volumes being backed up. This problem arises when you attempt to back up a particular library or when you allow the default settings in Windows Backup and Restore.


These problems take place for the reason that the libraries or folders that you are trying to back up or restore comprise a reparse point. Reparse points look like UNIX symbolic links or Windows shortcuts. A reparse point may be utilized to point out a file that is momentarily transferred on a different drive. For example, a reparse point would let a folder such as C:\DVD to point to Drive E, the actual DVD drive. Such problems also occur due to virus attack, backup file media corruption, sudden system shutdown, improper management of system etc.

You might be staying composed after backing up all your valuable Exchange Server data; though, what about its safekeeping? Operating systems like Windows provide built-in data backup utility to archive your valuable data and this archive is saved with .bkf extension. How will you reinstate the mailbox data you backed up from MS Exchange Server if your BKF file gets damaged or corrupt? One of the most stumbled upon concerns with a backup (*.bkf) file is corruption. In such an agonizing condition, you may remove this exchange backup file from your system after corruption.

Undesirable circumstances of data loss are usually evaded by the users by following the practice of preserving a Backup of their vital database.  The Backup is produced by making use of the NTBackup tool, which is accessible as an integral utility in Windows OS itself. This utility saves the backup file with.BKF extension which can be accessed at any time to restore the data.

But due to different aspects, there is a prospect that the caused corruption might harm the BKF file's data also. Some of such causes are corruption of a hard drive, power failure, Trojan upshot, sudden system shutdown, malfunctioning of Windows backup software, system software failure, backup disruption, etc.

Moreover, other than these identified reasons of corruption in data saved on your system, there might be a number of unidentified reasons too. Although keeping a backup copy of your email data is a clever resolution, make sure you store the backup file at a protected location to shun corruption. In case this backup (*.bkf) file gets corrupt, it is always suggested to go for exchange BKF recovery.

Now, assume that at any occasion, you by some means lose your data and consequently try to recover data from Backup. But to your shock, you discover that the backup is no more available. What is the next step that should be taken in such a worrying circumstance? The idea that comes to mind is - will there be any technique to recover the lost data? Well, the answer to this is yes. There is a method which will assist you recover all the data subjects of your BKF file and that is by using a third party utility of BKF file repair. Corruption issues with backup (.BKF) files cannot be resolved manually, so you need to make use of a professional third party tool. In such situations,  Stellar Phoenix BKF Recovery Software is the most suitable tool and it is much proficient in repairing corrupt backup files on Windows system.


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