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How to Import MBOX files in Entourage

Entourage stores its mailbox data in MBOX file format. All data within a MBOX file is saved in plain text format.  Entourage provides a drag and drop feature for exporting the Entourage mailbox data to an mbox file. You need to simply drag the desired mailbox folder from Entourage onto your desktop or any other location/folder; this will create a standard format UNIX mbox file containing the selected data. This drag and drop method will only convert the email at the top level of the dragged folder, If you want to export all data within folder including the data within its all subfolders then you will have drag each subfolder  individually to export its data.
How to create backup MBOX files in Microsoft Entourage?
This drag and drop feature can be used as way for backing up message data. You can backup Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, or Notes folders using this feature. This is applicable only for message folders

You can simply use the drag-and-drop method for archiving or backing up the message folders.
Follow the given steps to backup a MBOX message folder: 
1. Firstly, Resize the Entourage program window according to your convenience so that it would be easier for you to see your Apple Macintosh desktop.
2. Go to Entourage Folder List pane and select the folder that is to be archive in the. 
If Folder List pane into visible then Go to View menu and click Folder List.
3. Drag the selected folder to Apple Macintosh desktop. 
These will create a file with the same name as the dragged folder.

Note: You need to repeat this step for each subfolder, for which you want to create a MBOX file, 
Drag and drop is a very easy method for creating a Backup MBOX file in Entourage. Now, if you want to access a backup file in Entourage then you must know the import and message procedure in Entourage.
Given below are the steps for Importing and Restoring Messages from MBOX File:
To open or restore an MBOX file to Entourage folders, use one of the following methods: 
Method 1:
• Click "Applications"> "Microsoft Office"> "Microsoft Entourage" and start Entourage. Double-click the "Finder" icon to open the Finder window.
• Browse to your MBOX file backup.
• Double-click the MBOX file that is to be imported while Entourage is running. 
• After double clicking the file you will be prompted with Confirmation dialog box, click Import on the confirmation window to import the data into entourage.

Note: If you double-click the MBOX file while Entourage is not running then, after double clicking the file the Entourage will start and then prompts you with the same import confirmation prompt.

Method 2:
• In the Import Wizard, click Import Information from a Text File, and then click Import Information from an MBOX Format Text File.
Whenever you rest a message folder from MBOX folder then entourage keeps both the old version and the restored version of the folder. It just adds a sequential number to differentiate between the old and restored data. For example, "Inbox" becomes "Inbox1" to show it is the restored version.
If you want to avoid the creation of folders in the Entourage with the numeric designation and don’t want to employ the MBOX folder then, follow the given steps:
For example, the steps below use the Inbox as the original location for messages to be archived. 
first switch to that identity from which you want to archive messages 
Create a new folder on your Desktop and give it the same name as Entourage folder that is to be archived.
Select all messages from the Entourage folder that is to be archived and then, drag the selected messages to the new folder on your desktop. 
Now, Switch to the Entourage Identity where the messages are to be moved.
Select all the messages from the folder created on the desktop and then drag them to the Inbox or other mail folder in the identity.

You need to repeat the above steps for every message folder you want to archive and move to an identity .
How to import data in Entourage from other programs?
Entourage also supports data import from other programs such as accounts from other Apple Macintosh messages, and personal information management (PIM) software in Entourage. 
You can import messages, addresses, rules, signatures etc from other programs into Entourage.

How to Import Data by Using the Entourage Setup Wizard ?
Whenever you install Entourage Setup for the first time then the Entourage Setup Wizard prompts you to import data at that time or may choose to import data at later time.
Consider the case when you want to import data from another program or file when you start Entourage for the first time, 
First type your user information using the Entourage Setup Wizard.
Then select the desired option from the following import options:
Information from my e-mail program
Information from my personal information manager (PIM)  for example, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes
Information from both my e-mail program and my PIM
After selecting the import option, click the Next to proceed with the import process.
You can also perform some manual steps to Import Data into Entourage.
Follow the given steps to manually import data in Entourage: 
1. Go to File then click Import.
This will open the Begin Import dialog box.
2. From the Begin Import dialog box, select the option for the desired program or file from data is to be imported.
3. click Next to proceed further to open the Ready to Import dialog box
4. Now, from the Ready to Import dialog box, select the desired items to be imported. 
5. Click Next to finish the import process.
Entourage supports data Import from other email programs, PIM programs, and text and data files.
Entourage supports data imported from the below listed e-mail programs: 
all versions of Microsoft Outlook Express 
all versions of  Qualcomm Eudora 
Claris Emailer version 2.0v3 
Netscape Communicator 4.0 and later versions

Entourage supports data imported from the below listed PIM programs: 
Now Contact
Palm Desktop
Now Up-To-Date
Claris Organizer

Entourage also supports data import from text and data file types. The supported files are: Tab or comma delimited text files and .mbox formatted text files

I hope this article will prove be helpful for you to gain basic understanding about the Import and Export process in Entourage. 

You can easily Export the entourage data to MBOX file then restore it if required. But what if, you want to access the Entourage mail data into Outlook. As you must know that Outlook doesn’t support MBOX file format, In that case you will require some method that can convert the MBOX file format to the file format supported by Outlook. Here comes the need for MBOX to PST converter software. These let you perform an efficient MBOX to PST conversion, and the converted PST file can be easily imported and accessed into Outlook.


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