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Top symptoms that indicates Notes bookmark.nsf file corruption

As I have already discussed in my previous article, Lotus Notes database uses various configuration files (i.e. ID File, Names.nsf, Desktop8.ndk, Headline.nsf and Bookmark.nsf) for its proper functioning. Any kind of corruption or loss to these files may lead the Notes user pierce his hair off.

In this article I want to highlight the adverse consequences of Bookmark.nsf file corruption.

Like other data files the Bookmrk.nsf file may also get corrupted due to various software and hardware reasons such as: Unexpected system shutdown, Failure of hardware components, Fatal Virus Infections and Abrupt system shutdown etc.

Symptoms of book mark.nsf file corruption:
  • Lotus  Notes client may crash
  • Lotus Notes may fail to launch or  the welcome page may fail to be loaded
  • Lotus Notes may start & respond slowly.
  • Some items from the bookmark bar or Open button menu may be missing.
  • It may cause you unable to find Applications", or "Favourite Bookmarks" items.
  • Replication icon may be missing.
  • Workspace icon is missing from "Applications" folders on the bookmark bar or Open button menu.
  • Lotus Notes will display the attachment files as images
  • Lotus Notes will open the mailbox on view "All by person" or personal folder.
  • Book mark .nsf file corruption may lead the Notes user to face different kind of errors.
Some common error messages are:
    • "duplicate public name cseventobj in use in module CSEventnotes".
    • "No Frame of Specified Name Exists"
    • "duplicate public name CMEMOOBJECT in USE module Core EmailClasses"
    • "Not a Sub or Function name: DISPLAYGROUPCALENDARLG"
    • You may get error messages when you try to login Notes after up gradation.
    • You may get an error message , "Can't find View". While trying to open your mailbox in Notes Standard.
    • While launching the Lotus Notes application, you may face the Error "File already exists”.
Whenever, the bookmark.nsf file gets corrupt user may have to face many problems and error messages. We need to resolve the problems caused by bookmark.nsf file corruption. Here comes the need to repair the corrupt bookmark.nsf file.

Lotus Notes provides inbuilt repair utilities (such as: fix up & compact) that checks the Lotus Notes data file structure and consistency of database. These tools perform a thorough scan on the selected data files and repair them if some in consistency is detect after scan process.

But sometimes when the file corruption level is high, these tools fail to detect the corruption and can’t perform an efficient repair of the database. In such case, the user has to search some other alternative for Lotus Notes recovery.


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