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Repair corrupt bookmark.nsf to resolve Note error: "File already exists"

Bookmark.nsf is one of the most important configuration files used by Lotus Notes. The Bookmark.nsf file corruption may lead the Notes user to troublesome situations. It may lead to system slow down as well as the user may face several error messages.
The Notes error message "File already exists” is the one of the most common error message faced by Notes users.

Generally it may be prompted if the bookmark.nsf file is corrupt.

This message may be prompted when user launches the Lotus Notes application and the bookmark.nsf file is corrupt. The corrupt bookmark file cannot be accessed by user so, Lotus Notes itself try to create new bookmark.nsf file but as it already exist, and it leads the error message “File already exists to be prompted on the screen.

Consider the case for non-roaming user who only uses the tiled workspace. If the bookmark.nsf file is deleted in this case then the Notes can itself create a new bookmark.nsf with the help of bookmark.ntf.
So, if you are Non-roaming Users and facing any bookmark.nsf file corruption related issues you can easily resolve it by rebuilding the bookmark.nsf file.
The steps to rebuild corrupt bookmark.nsf are:
  • Close Lotus Notes application.
  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Find bookmark.nsf.
  • Rename the bookmark.nsf to bookmark.old.
  • Re-start Lotus Notes.
  • Now you are done. The bookmark.nsf file is recreated.
  • You can now change the settings for 'home page'  to your desired values
The other cause for the Notes error "File already exists” may be the corruption of local perweb.nsf file

If the local perweb.nsf file is corrupt then, you may face the above error message while trying to open a received HTML newsletter.

You need to delete the corrupt perweb.nsf file. Lotus Notes client will recreate the perweb.nsf file the same way it does for bookmark.nsf file.

Follow the given steps to recreate perweb.nsf file:
  • Run  Lotus Notes
  • Set the browser to Notes or Open Notes with Internet Explorer.
  • Exit Lotus Notes.
  • Search perweb.nsf file in Lotus Notes\Data directory.
  • Rename perweb.nsf file
  • Restart Notes application.
  • Open a web/ HTML document page. Now, Notes will automatically recreate the perweb.nsf file.
So, if you are facing the Notes error "File already exists". First thing you need to know is whether the error is caused by bookmark.nsf corruption or perweb.nsf corruption. After that, you can take the required steps to resolve the error.

If you are Roaming user, you need to perform some additional steps to resolve the above Notes error. You have to contact the Helpdesk to temporarily disable roaming on your Lotus Notes account for all computers on which Lotus Notes is installed. Once roaming is disabled then, you can follow the above described steps to rebuild the bookmark.nsf file.

After the completion of the bookmark.nsf rebuild process, enable roaming again for the computer that was used to rebuild the bookmark.nsf file. Once you enable roaming, the newly created bookmark.nsf file will be uploaded to the server and replicated to all other computers.
I hope it will resolve your problem.


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