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Exchange 2016 Vs Office 365

In this rapidly evolving world of computing technology, email is considered as a cornerstone of all the modern business. Whether you are small-sized or medium-size businesses, you certainly need not limit yourself to only one email client application.  Therefore, if you are looking forward to switching, then you must have encountered several options to choose from such as Office 365 or Hosted Exchange.

However, from this extensive array of choices, selection of the perfect business email cloud solution may be a bit tricky. An individual can only opt for the right option when they have a clear list of their requirements.  The reason being, every individual has different needs. For instance, the needs of an organization building its IT services from the start will surely be different from the one who are hosting their on-premises email servers for some time and are planning to migrate to the cloud. Adding more, every organization has different industry regulations to follow; depending on them, they may have more or less constraint. Further, as no two business organizations are the same, therefore depending on your organization, you have other issues at hand as well.

Therefore, to help you with the selection of the ideal option for you, we have compared Exchange 2016 with Office 365 - the two best options for business email hosting. Based on this analysis, you can easily bid goodbye to all your apprehensions.

Let’s now have a quick look at the Exchange Server.

Core of Hosted Exchange and Office 365 Email System

It is essential to know about the Exchange server as both Hosted Exchange and Office 365 are two cloud offers that are based on this platform. Regardless of the option you choose, the email system potentially runs on the same platform. 

Exchange Server Power

Exchange Server amounts to almost 51% of global business mailboxes. It includes both on-premise and cloud deployment deployments internationally. The reason for this acknowledgement is its past two decades journey in which it has evolved as the most reliable and efficient business email solution.  Thousands of organizations use the Exchange Server irrespective of their size.

With each new upgradation, Microsoft Exchange Server has made our life easier and convenient by bringing the functionalities that are more topical. Adding more, every new version has also improved the platform stability in comparison to the previous one. Further, thanks to its public cloud trend, it is being delivered as the Software-as-a-Service model. Owing to which some businesses have moved their email service into the multi-tenant infrastructure of the provider and eventually have decreased the IT overhead.

Exchange 2016 Vs Office 365

If change control and stability are in your mind, then Hosted Exchange is the right option for you. Choose this email system to plan your upgrades and changes at the desired pace.

Offers Manifold Choice

With hands on the Hosted Exchange, you get the flexibility to choose the version to run on. You can easily select different Exchange environments as per your convenience. Before deployment, security updates, as well as service packs for the environment are also tested to ensure there is no outage or other concerns.

Comprehensive Migration Assistance

Throughout the migration process, you will be assisted by the provider’s support to ensure carefully planning for the upgrade and smooth transition to a newer environment. Further, depending on the provider, the migration process might not cost you anything. Currently, three Exchange Server platform versions—2016, 2013, and 2010 are supported globally.

First Comes First: Email

When you buy Hosted Exchange, the main service you get is Email.  The size of its mailbox is always unlimited. You can choose only Outlook or Webmail, and you can prefer both. Even you can choose from varying bundles so that you also have other services included.  It also allows you to add Office applications such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Outlook, OneNote, and Publisher. In short, here you are completely free to decide.

Other Benefits of Hosted Exchange Server

•    Allows business to utilize Microsoft applications and services such as web application platform
•    Delivers personalized experience to both parties— Enterprise as well as Individuals
•    You can easily set the limit of email boxes size with the help of individual administrating Exchange Server.
•    Allows an individual to ensure where your data is exactly stored

If innovation is driving your business, then Office 365 is the perfect option for you. Choose this email system if you want to be in the lead in terms of new technologies.

Offers a Wide Range of Apps

With Office 365, you will surely have a lot to play with.  Exchange Online of the service provided by them, Email is not their core service. In general, Office 365 is the set of products that includes collaboration as well as productivity applications. The applications it includes are  - Business Intelligence tools (Power BI with Excel), email (50GB per mailbox), Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, etc.), personal and shared files storage (SharePoint libraries or OneDrive), and other exciting services (Yammer, Sway, Skype, etc.). It is available with thousands of plans; you can easily select the one that meets your requirements.

Delivers Trust

Office 365 usage makes you sure that you are running the latest software version. The benefit of this is that you instantly get all new features and enhancements. Further, it also includes new Exchange Server releases. Regardless of the device that you are using, be it MAC, PC, tablet or smartphone, all updates, service packs, application upgrades, and security updates are automatically pushed. Therefore, you can also delay the installation process based on your personal choice.

Offers Free Upgrades

They only charge regular monthly fees. Apart from this, there is no chargeable fee for upgrades.

Other Benefits of Office 365

•    Offers BlackBerry support and integrated experience
•    Delivers security certifications as well as compliances
•    No involvement of third-party hosting organization
•    Enables the Active Directory process management tool as well as legal archiving capabilities
•    Includes features such as Lync Online to provide internal office communication support

How Can I Migrate My Mailbox to Any of Hosted Exchange and Office 365?
By now, you have a clear overview of both Hosted Exchange and Office 365. Also, you now know that your selection is entirely based on your business needs and corporate culture. Depending on this, you would have been able to narrow down your preferred choice to the best business email platform.  Here, the concern is how to migrate.

Solution—EDB to PST Converter

Irrespective of whether you are choosing Office 365 or Hosted Exchange 2016, in both the cases, you need to migrate your data items.  To perform this action, you require a converter that converts your EDB data items into PST Files.

Say a Big No to Blind Selection

As there is no dearth of EDB to PST converter in the market, however, to avoid the damage or worst scenarios, we have sorted out one of the best solutions that is supported by an organization having an experience of over 23+ years in the data recovery segment.  The name of this excellent performing tool that has marked a strong foothold is Stellar EDB to PST Converter.

Brief Synopsis of Stellar EDB to PST Converter

Stellar EDB to PST Converter is a professional dedicated solution intended to convert both online and offline Exchange Server database files to PST Files and directly export offline Exchange mailboxes to Live Exchange/ Office 365. Using this handy conversion tool, you can easily extract all critical Exchange mailbox data including attachments, contacts, emails, etc.  Once you are done with conversion, you can import the PST Files and can regain a hold of your data.

With its selective conversion feature, you can easily convert any specific or multiple files.  Further, features such as multiple files conversion, all mail components extraction, online as well as offline conversion, etc. make Stellar EDB to PST Converter the first choice. 

Unique Traits of Stellar EDB to PST Converter

•    Supports selective conversion
•    Supports Unicode EDB File Conversion
•    Preserves the original integrity of the files
•    Permits Mailbox preview prior conversion
•    Promises one go quick conversion without glitches
•    Supports accidentally deleted offline mailbox restoration
•    Includes options to Save as well as Load Scan information
•    Grants permission for particular mail search in offline EDB
•    Supports conversion of EDB File into EML, HTML, MSG, RTF, and PDF format
•    Ensures extraction of all mail components within the Exchange database files


While the Hosted Exchange offers you stability, Office 365 offers you innovation. In other words, while the former option allows you to control the changes and upgrades, the latter option keeps you abreast with new technologies. Based on the above-stated analysis, you can effortlessly choose the best practice.  After selection, you require a software that allows you to migrate your EDB mailbox and other data content to PST Files or exports them to Live Exchange or Office 365. For this, we recommended one of the top-performing software— Stellar EDB to PST Converter which we have discussed at length.


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