Thursday, 16 June 2016

How to Export Lotus Notes Mail Items to Outlook PST

Microsoft's email client Outlook is an easiest way for email communication which comes with the ability to provide high end data security along with simple interface that make it the most popular email client across the globe. This write-up is for Lotus Notes users who are looking to migrate their Lotus notes mails to Outlook. In order access NSF file data into Outlook, initially you need to convert NSF file format into PST format, as due to different file structure NSF files doesn’t open into Outlook.

No matter what is the reason behind migration, ultimately the major concern will be how to perform NSF to PST conversion in an easy and effective way? There are both manual and professional techniques available to perform this migration. If you go with manual method, then you need to be quite tech-savvy. Microsoft has provided a wizard named as Exchange Server Migration Wizard (MAILMIG.EXE) that can migrate your NSF files to PST. Using this wizard, all mail items such as attachments, notes, journals, sent items, drafts, address book, folder and sub-folders, etc. can easily be migrated to Outlook.

Exchange Server Migration Wizard is embedded with two proficient modes
  • Standard mode
  • Advanced mode
Manual process of converting NSF files into PST is not an easy task; therefore, to make it simpler Microsoft has provided an Exchange Server Migration Wizard. Here you will get to know about the benefits of migration wizard along with some of the limitations. Benefits of Migration Wizard
  • Capable of migrating embedded document links and convert them either in RTF attachments, URL shortcuts or OLE attachments for Outlook.
  • Capable of migrating calendar and to-do list functions of Lotus Notes to Outlook.
  • Convert complete emails along with attachments without any issues.
Issues with Migration Wizard
  • Migration Wizard cannot handle encrypted messages or custom applications. Encrypted messages will be lost after successful migration as it cannot access the private key codes used to both encrypt and decrypt files.
  • There are many variables available that you can’t expect to be converted successfully every time.
  • Migration Wizard (MAILMIG.EXE) cannot migrate the data of size more than 1 GB. Therefore, in order to migrate larger sized NSF mailboxes, this method is not the right choice.
Alternate Method 

All-in-all if you are willing to convert some really basic and few number of NSF files, you can use Microsoft Exchange Server Migration Wizard, but if your NSF file contains hundreds of mailboxes, then a premium data migration software could be an intelligent choice to get job done. Stellar NSF to PST converter is one such proficient application recommended by number of professionals to convert your Lotus notes files to Outlook format.


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