Thursday, 10 December 2015

How To Fix "Generic LSE Failure" Error in Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes is one of the most widely used e-mail application programs used in present era. It executes all the mail operations like e-mailing, programming, calendaring, scheduling, etc which are performed by all common e-mail application programs like MS Outlook, Outlook Express etc. Lotus Notes database comprises of NSF files as its data files.
All the significant data of Lotus Notes is stored in these NSF files. Thus NSF files can be considered as building blocks of IBM Lotus Notes database. Occasionally Lotus Notes database can get corrupt or damaged due to some error messages which will restrict you to access the database, avoid sending/receiving e-mails etc. This situation takes place because Lotus Notes NSF file gets corrupt and needs to be repaired in order to access the damaged Notes document. Hence to Repair NSF File, Lotus Notes users need to make use of a third party Lotus Notes Recovery software which repair & recover corrupt Lotus Notes document.

To illustrate the above issue consider the following problem: Suppose you are using Lotus Notes 4.5.2 and when you try to open the Lotus Notes document, you encounter a following error message:

“Generic LSE Failure (No More Information)” Opening or Saving Document.

The following error message can also be seen when you are saving a document which contains a component based on a user-defined template. As long as you receive the above error message, you will not be able to open or save the Lotus Notes document.

Cause of this error:

This error message can occur when the document is created by a back-end Lotus Script process which creates a component based on a user-defined template.


In order to resolve the above error message, you need to adopt following steps:

1. First you open Lotus Notes 4.5.2.
2. Now you add a new component object to the Lotus Notes document.
3. After adding a new component, simply copy all the the information from the existing object.
4. Now paste all the information to the new object.
5. Delete the old remaining object.
6. Now close Lotus 4.5.2 & again open. Now you won’t see error message showing on the screen and you can effortlessly open & save document

However even after performing above method doesn't solve the problem, then you must go for a third party Lotus Notes Repair tool. These tools Recover Lotus Notes database and allow the easy access to all e-mail items like messages, tasks, calendars, events, attachments, journals etc. Many software are available in the market that are specifically developed to Repair NSF File and recover damaged Lotus Notes database. Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery is one such software.

Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery  is powerful Lotus Notes Recovery software that is used to repair and recover corrupted Lotus Notes e-mail items. The software supports IBM Lotus Notes 6.x and 7.x and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, NT4 (SP6). Moreover, this software generates a log report of every recovery operation and saves it as a Text Editor (.txt) file. Demo version of the software can be downloaded from the company's website:


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