Wednesday, 23 September 2015

How to Repair Exchange Backup File When You Get "The fixed media is full" Error

Exchange Server is one of the most widely-used and advanced mail server platform available. Millions of users across the globe are using Exchange Server to proficiently manage their business communications as well as their business and personal data. All Exchange Administrators know the importance of keeping exchange mailbox stores / storage groups backups in the case of disasters.

You will be at high risk of losing your valuable data if you are not having a usable backup.  There is no doubt – to what extent MS Exchange is a protected and prevailing email server application but still some critical situations arises for those organizations without essential resources to keep it secure.

Microsoft Windows provides you with an inbuilt utility known as NTBackup. With this utility, you can create and maintain the backup of your important exchange server database files on any other location or drive of your system or in some other storage media. But if your storage media or hard drive is formatted in FAT file system, the you might have to face corruption in Exchange backup file (BKF) due to the size limit as data storage devices based on FAT 32 file system can store backup files of only 4GB and if your BKF file is exceeding the size limit of 4GB, then in that case, it gets corrupt or some error messages may be encountered during the addition of the new data to it. 

No let us take an example to understand this better. Assume that you are having an external hard drive based on FAT32 and you have created the exchange database backup on this hard drive using NTBackup. As you keep on adding the data to the BKF file, its size also keep on increasing and one day when you try to update the BKF file, you encounter the error given below:

"[Insert media]
The fixed media is full. You cannot Back Up all of the specified data to this disk device.
The backup operation will stop."

This error arises because of the exceeded size of your Exchange backup file, which is 4GB for FAT32 formatted storage media. To avoid this error , it is always recommended to make the backup on NTFS file system formatted data storage device or NTFS formatted hard drive partition. But, in this circumstance, when you encounter this error message and lost all your valuable Exchange Server data, use of professional Exchange BKF recovery software is recommended.

One of the best Exchange BKF Recovery Software available is Stellar Phoenix Exchange BKF Recovery, which you can use to get rid of the above error and can get back your data from corrupt BKF file. This software efficiently works on corrupt or damaged Exchange BKF files created with the help of NTBackup and securely restores data from Exchange BKF file.


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