Sunday, 1 March 2015
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How to recover mails from corrupt Pegasus Mailbox ?


To communicate with my professional and personnel network over the internet, I prefer mail Communication. Right now I am using Pegasus Mail email client which is also known as Pmail among users. As it is freely available, have minimum system requirements, and does not make any changes to windows or system registries so these are some of the reasons why I am still associated with this mail client.

I am using Pegasus mail version 5 on a Windows vista Machine from around last 5 years. I recently updated my Pegasus mail client from 4.41 to 5 .After updating, I started facing lot of problems .One night while logging out my Pegasus Mail account, I got an error message about corrupt files, before I could understand something my Pmail closed abruptly. Next time when I opened my account I found that most the mails from my mailbox were gone.

Recovering Mail account manually:

If Pegasus mailbox of someone is deleted accidently or due to any possible reason, then here are some most common solutions with proper sequence which I followed, and could be considered by anyone for recovery ofPegasusmailbox.

1.       Recover from Deleted Messages folder
2.       Check default mailbox location
3.       Use undelete utility
4.       Recover Mailbox from backup
5.       Take help of any professional tool for mailbox recovery

Deleted Messages folder: If someone deletes any mail from mailbox, then normally those mails are drifted to Deleted Messages folder which is just like a recycle bin of your computer, from where deleted mails could be restored again easily.

Checking default mailbox location:
If your mail files are also deleted from deleted message folder, still one more option is also there to check whethermails are still on your system or not i.e. by checking default mailbox location for mail files of Pegasus mail account.

Usually mailbox location for your Pegasus mail is
Where rebacca is the username of my computer.

Using undelete utility to recover deleted mails: If you are done with checking Deleted Messages folder location and default mailbox location and if mails are not on your system, then your only hope is to use some Windows undelete utility. But in that case also with more use of systems,less are the chances to recover your files.

Recovering mails form backup:
Most common solution for any mail client to recover mails is from backup of mail account. From backup, you can restore your mailbox easily and can regain access to your mailbox again.

Now let’s come back to my experience, after trying hard to access my mails from folders in system, I turned towards restoring those from general backup. But there also I faced an error:

“Pmail cannot identify the files to restore”.

When all above methods did not work for me, I started looking for some alternate solution to recover my mailbox. After a lot research I came up with few Third Party solutions for recovering Pegasus mail account. Working with demo versions of some, I found a tool named Stellar Phoenix Mail Recovery to be the most convenient utility for Pegasus mailbox recovery. In preview mode, I was able to see my complete mailbox recoverable items in the same pattern. I can’t even tell you how much relaxed I was after seeing my mailbox items intact again.

As at that time I was only concerned with my Pegasus mailbox, so after purchasing license of Stellar Phoenix Mail Recovery which cost only a few dollars, I recovered my mailbox items. This Softwareprovided me option to recover deleted or inaccessible mails fromPegasus mail and then allowed me torecover multiple selected mails in EML as well as MBX file formats.

After all this discussion point to take home is that several manual methods are there for recovery of Pegasus mailbox from corruption, such as recovering from backup, resetting mail server or using some inbuilt utilities but If you are a newbie just like me, I would recommend to go for professional tools for Email recovery as without knowledge doing so may cause you data loss.