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How to fix Outlook error: “Encounter a large numbers of conflict items with ost file”

In case, the Outlook is being used with Exchange server, then an OST file is formed in the user’s local system. Whenever you are using Outlook in Exchange environment, a default OST file will be created. 

It is the exact replica of the user’s data residing on the Exchange server mailbox.OST file enables user to work in offline mode. If due to some reason, Exchange isn’t available then at that time user can work in offline mode with the OST file. In offline mode user can perform mail operations such as compose mail, send mail etc.  Whenever the Exchange server will be connected again,then these changes will be synchronized back with Exchange.

A user can have to face several OST synchronization related issues or the OST file may turn inaccessible. The reason behind this is OST file corruption.

Common reasons for OST corruption:

  • The increasing size of your Outlook data files (OST/PST)
  • Sudden outlook termination
  • Any kinds of interruption in the software update process
  • Version or other Compatibilities issues with Operating system
  • Outlook application isn’t handled properly, improper startup or closing of application.
  • Improper system shutdown
  • Adds-on incompatibility of MS Outlook
  • Abnormal system shutdown
  • Virus or Malware attack
  • Hardware crash
When an ost file gets corrupt/damaged it couldn’t be synchronized with exchange. It prohibits the user from performing the usual mail operations and accessing the ost file data. User can have to face problems while launching and opening outlook client. In such situation, various erroneous messages will be prompted on the user screen
While working with a damaged ost file, it’s common for the user to face the error “Encounter a large numbers of conflict items with ost file”.

The reason for the above error is corruption of OST File. So, in order to fix the error the corrupt/damaged ost file need to be repaired. After repairing the corrupt OST file the data stored within it can be accessed and outlook user can resume normal functioning.

Resolution method:

To solve the above error try out the following methods:
  • First make a backup copy of the original OST file then, tryout the following steps:
  • Rename or delete the original OST file.
  • Ensure that the Outlook to Exchange settings iscorrectly configured or not. Try connecting Outlook to Exchange.
  • Restart Outlook application and initiate send/receive.
This will automatically create a new OST file and synchronize its data with Exchange.

To know more about “how to fix ost synchronization issues in outlook” visit:

If the above method doesn’t help then the error might be caused to incorrect mail profile.

In such case, Deleting the old profile and creating a new one will resolve the issue.

Follow the given steps to create a new mail profile:
  • Close Outlook application
  • Go to start> Control Panel. Then Double-click Mail to open the Mail Setup dialog box, in Windows XP or higher versions,
  • You need to Switch to Classic View, then Go to Mail and open the Mail Setup dialog box by double clicking.
  • After the Mail Setup dialog box is opened, click Show Profiles and select the incorrect profiles that are causingthe problem.
  • After selectingthe incorrect profiles from the list, click Remove one by one
  • After, all the incorrect profiles have been deleted click Add to create a new profile.
  • Now, add email accounts to the newly created mail profile.
  • Restart Outlook application. The OST file will now be automatically synchronized with the exchange.
To deal with OST corruption you need to repair the corrupt OST file and extract data from it. To repair the ost file:
  • Exit Outlook application. Also close all other applications that are accessing the OST file.
  • Locate your OST file. If you don’t know the location of your OST file then you can search it using Windows search function
  • Now run an ost recovery tool over the corrupted ost file that can repair the corrupt file and extract the recovered data from it. There are free inbuilt repair utilities (Inbox repair tool & OST integrity check tool) in outlook that can perform outlook data file recovery in an easy manner.
The detailed procedure to Repair Outlook Data Files using the Inbox Repair tool & OST Integrity Check tool is given at:

These inbuilt Outlook repair tools possess limited functionality and aren’t powerful enough. So there can be many possible cases when these tools fail to perform an efficient ost/pst recovery. If these tools fail to recover your corrupt OST file then a more powerful solution is required. 

Thankfully a huge list of such OST recovery software is available in market. But the user needs to make a wise decision before choosing the one. Most of the software are available with Free DEMO versions. That’s makes it easy for a user to select the one. Just download the DEMO, run it over your corrupt file and see if that offers desired output or not. Finally you can go for the one that best suits your needs.


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