Monday, 25 August 2014

How to Fix Lotus Notes error message "An Error Occurred While Opening a Window"

To err is human, but at times software applications can render errors to. And regular computer users can understand this pain well. One or the other app shows an error message once in a while, no matter which operating system you are working on. Today we are going to talk about one such application, which is the IBM Lotus Notes.

While working on IBM Lotus Notes app is otherwise smooth, there are certain error messages which appear on your screen once in a while, and thus hinder your work. Among several other reasons, mostly either the internal settings or database corruption is held responsible for these error notifications. 

Tools like Fixup, NT Check Disk Utilities, Update and Compact prove helpful in dealing with these errors. But exceptions always prevail. Even after using these tools some errors don’t go away, which results in poor productivity. In order to tackle such issues and ensure proper results, one needs to use a Lotus Notes Recovery Software. This software helps in efficient recovery of Lotus Notes database. 

To further understand the aforementioned problem, let’s consider the example below:

You run the Lotus Notes application. It opens successfully. However, when you try to open a new window within the application, an error message shows up. On every attempt the following message shows up:

"An Error Occurred While Opening a Window."

This message prevents you from opening a window in Lotus Notes application.

Cause of the error:

The primary cause due to which this message shows up is that some processes are still running the background and thus starting them all over again is not possible. 


Don’t worry! The above problem can be resolved. All you need to do is to perform the following steps:

(1) Got to the ‘Start’ menu and select ‘Run’.

(2) In the Run box, type this command: c:\program files\lotus\notes\nsd.exe –kill Hit "Enter". The "Killnotes.exe" file will kill all the background processes which are running in the Lotus Notes database.
(3) Now launch the Lotus Notes application.

There might be a chance that the above method fails to resolve the error and the Lotus Notes application continues to display the same error message. In this situation, you’ll have to use a third party recovery tool. This tool will not only repair Lotus Notes but will also let you access mail-objects like contacts, messages, attachments, appointments, journals and tasks. The internet is flooded with several such software which can effectively take care of Lotus Notes recovery.


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