Thursday, 29 May 2014

What are the benefits of moving to MS Outlook from lotus notes?

As users are provided with the two amazing email applications; MS Outlook and Lotus Notes, results explain that the number of users who like MS Outlook is much high than those of who pick Lotus Notes. Yes, today, a good percentage of the whole business world prefers using Outlook, the application which is mainly devoted to emailing. The post explains some most important attributes of MS Outlook that benefit users over Lotus Notes.

Cost Effective

Lotus Notes is pricey when the subject of cost and maintenance is brought to mind. In order for one to use the Lotus Notes it is suitable to take into account that you have to buy the Lotus Notes application to host your mails, which is rather the reverse when it comes to Outlook that is available for free however you might be required to have already installed some small applications for an entire account.


The MS Outlook is one of the most broadly used email clients in  corporate world which is being hosted by Microsoft, stands out as one of their hottest property on the market while Lotus Notes is primarily hosted by the IBM Lotus Domino as its main server. This can signify that since Microsoft products are being used extensively in the market, MS Outlook stands as the more effortlessly available of the two email applications.

Features, Interface, and User-friendliness

Both the email applications provide brilliant messaging interface along with some really nice features. Lotus Notes is packed with good database management, calendaring, contact organization, instant messaging features. Furthermore, upgrading cost is also less. Though, when it comes to evaluation, Outlook once more takes all the attention due to its superior offering to fulfill business requirements. In addition, it provides relatively enhanced GUI that does not compel a new user to get trained, contrasting Lotus Notes, which offers complex user interface and lacks some essential features.

Microsoft Outlook is not restricted to the pointed out characteristics; it is wrapped with numerous other brilliant features.

So, if you wish to experience the goodness of Outlook, migration is rather straightforward. But, a main point which you should know is Outlook data is stored in its data file, known as PST (Personal Storage Table) and Lotus Notes stores its data in NSF files. So, when you come to a decision to switch, you need to convert NSF to PST.

Unluckily, there is no inbuilt utility to carry out such conversion. So, you have to choose a third party NSF to PST conversionsoftware that will complete the task in little time. You can find the software over the Internet.


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