Thursday, 27 March 2014

How To Resolve Exchange Server Jet Error Codes – 1601 and 1605?

When you talk about business communication, then paying no attention to the significance of emails would be a big mistake. The reason is pretty clear. Emails are soul of business communication and facing any situation that prevents you from reading email could be a real big nightmare that you certainly not ever wish to dream about.

To keep the business communication active, every enterprise trust MS Exchange Server due to its superior features. Though, a circumstance gets complicated when a business enterprise trusting upon Exchange Server faces undesirable errors in an effort to access the emails or important user data. In fact, the actual game begins when Exchange Server database gets corrupt. Each and every stored mailbox item, right from emails, tasks, notes, appointments, contacts, attachments or, calendar are on the edge of becoming inaccessible.

Fix Exchange Jet Errors & Restore Mailboxes with Microsoft Exchange Recovery Software

The universal method to deal with the corruption of EDB files which is recommended by professionals is - making use of ESEUTIL.exe inbuilt utility. This utility comes with Exchange Server and in most of the circumstances performs Exchange Database Recovery by defragmenting the EDB file. But as you are aware of, ESEUTIL re-forms the complete EDB file and at times makes the intensity of corruption worse in case when Exchange Database recovery does not succeed. 

To know the actual complication, consider a circumstance where you were running the database repair due to the 'database inconsistency' error. Now, after some time the moment you made any effort to mount the information stores, as anticipated all exchange services starts, but unexpectedly information stores declined to mount. You ran: Eseutil /p priv1.edb, but the edb repair course of action got terminated with any of the below error messages: 

"Operation terminated with error -1605”


"Operation terminated with error -1601 (JET_errRecordNotFound, The key was not found) after 2.354 seconds.”

The above mentioned errors-1601 and 1605 are called Jet errors. Jet errors are fairly common in Exchange Server. Every Exchange user might have faced one or several jet error at times. Exchange's jet errors cause a great problem for the users as EDB database falls to kill corruption leaving all user mailboxes inaccessible.

Cause of Error -1601

This error usually takes place either when you are making use of an inbuilt utility for analyzing and repairing database but the version of inbuilt utility is not sure about it or both STM and EDB files are having different structure. Another potential reason for this error could be the severe corruption in the EDB file structure.

Cause of Error -1605

You will get this error notification after an early exit of Eseutil /P while carrying out EDB database repair. This condition generally takes place when the Eseutil tool rebuilds B-trees improperly.

Resolution for Above jet errors

When you come across the above mentioned error messages, you can't go on with using the EDB file as the EDB file becomes completely inaccessible. These errors signify that EDB file is badly damaged or corrupt and therefore instant recovery of damaged or corrupted database is needed. 

So for safer side, it is good to restore damaged or corrupt database using an updated backup. Most up-to-date backup proves to be elixir in case of Exchange database disaster. If you have legitimate and updated backup, you can effortlessly restore your database from the backup and save your important data and time. But, in case the backup is either damaged or not updated or is unavailable, then what you could do at that time? To deal with such circumstances, the most relevant solution which can take you out of this situation is making use of any third party Exchange Mailbox EDB repair tool. 

A third party Exchange Database recovery tool saves the time when Exchange server users descry a database disaster. One of the widely used and most trusted software available is “Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery”, which is a powerful repair utility that helps in repairing severely damaged or corrupt exchange database files. You can find the more details about the software from here:


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