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The most prominent features of a MBOX to PST converter software:

I have already given a brief description about the MBOX file format in my previous post,  titled,”what is MBOX file format?” 

Let me again give you a brief introduction of MBOX file format.
MBOX file: MBOX file stores the mailbox data in text file format. The most common among MBOX supporting clients are Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, Apple mail, Mac mail, Spice-Bird, Poco mail, and Postbox mail.

If you wish to migrate from a MBOX supporting Email client to MS outlook. The first question that stikes on your mind is How will you perform the migration? There is no direct option to export MBOX to PST format. In such a situation, you will require some tool that can convert the MBOX file format to PST file format so that it can easily be imported and accessed into MS Outlook.

Here, I would like to introduce MBOX to PST converters software that let you convert all your MBOX file data to PST format within few minutes. The MBOX  to PST converter software provides a feasible and safe option for carrying out MBOX to PST conversion. This software also provides various features to customize and enhance the conversion process. However, the features of  a MBOX to PST converter software may vary according to user requirements and software provider.

Below are some prominent features of a MBOX to PST converter software:
  • Some tools allow you to select the MBOX Mail Client  and then select the files/identity folder and some allow you to directly browse the MBOX file and then Convert it to  PST file format.
  • It provides you with a search option for finding the files for conversion. You can make a search in the selected folder, sub folder or drive for finding MBOX/MacMBOX/MBX/AppleMail files for conversion.
  • It Let you convert the entire selected mailbox into PST file
  • It let you save the converted mailbox to an existing PST or to a new PST file.
  • It let You preview the converted mailbox items before actually saving them to PST format. The output of conversion is first shown as a preview in a three pane window, form there you can select an item to see its preview.
  • It provides support for various MBOX supporting clients such as Thunderbird, Entourage, Spicebird etc. If an  MBOX to PST converter software is designed for a particular Email client then from the user point of view its not a a good choice to purchase. Its better to purchase a single software that supports multiple Email clients instead of purchasing a tool that supports only a specific e-mail client.
  • It let you perform an accurate and risk free conversion of MBOX file data  to PST file. After conversion is completed, you can import the converted file into outlook and access all the data(emails, attachments, drafts, sent items and deleted items etc.. ) that was stored in MBOX file .
  • The file structure, properties of original email data, hierarchy and formatting etc. will remain intact after conversion.
  • It let you select a single MBOX file as well as multiple MBOX file for conversion. You can convert multiple MBOX files to PST format in just no time.
  • It let you apply filters on MBOX files before conversion. You can filter the MBOX files based on various criteria such as:  To, From, Subject and date fields etc.
  • It let you convert the MBOX mail data as well the associated attachment files.
  • It supports ASCII as well as Unicode character encoding. Some tools might not be supporting both the encoding which limits their functionality and feature set. User must check this feature before purchasing the software
  • It provides Support for various Outlook versions (Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013).
  • It provides an easy-to-use and interactive user interface that makes the conversion process easier even for a naive user.
  • It must perform a smooth and fast conversion process even if multiple files are selected. However the time taken to convert multiple files will be obviously more than time taken in performing a single file conversion.
  • Some tools provide you the facility to convert even a corrupt MBOX files into PST but some skips the corrupt data and only converts the rest of the data .
The above discussed are some of the common features that a MBOX to PST software must possess. Besides these features, there are some additional check points that you must ensure before purchasing the software, so that you may not loose your time, money, and data in future.

The major checkpoint includes:
  • Before purchasing the software, you must also check the product specifications: available License types, the minimum system requirements (i.e. processor, memory, hard disk and operating system requirements) and supported versions etc.
  • The software provider must offer the demo version of the software so that the user can run and evaluate the output of demo version before going ahead for purchase.
  • The software provider must provide technical support so that if something troubles the user or user is not able to understand the proper functioning of software, in such a situation he can get proper assistance whenever required.
  • You should check if the software purchase mechanism is easy and secure or not.
  • You must check whether there is any money back guarantee or not.
  • If you are getting additional help manuals and user guides along with the software then, it’s a plus point.
  • The last and the most important thing from user point of view is price v/s feature comparison. You must ensure that the software includes all your desired features at the reasonable price.
  • You can find many MBOX to PST software with a short on line search. Just download the DEMO or trail version and make a comparative analysis of their outputs and provided features. Then, finally select the best one and go ahead for purchase.
Now, with the help of MBOX to PST software you can export your all MBOX file data to PST file and then, view the converted file into Outlook.
To view the converted files into Outlook:
  • Open Outlook.
  • Go to file menu and click open then, choose the outlook data file.
  • Now, browse and select the converted PST file and then, click open.
I hope this article is going to be a useful resource for those users who are willing to export MBOX file data to PST file. Your comments and feedback are welcome.


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