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How to export GroupWise Emails to Outlook?

The GroupWise Client provides you various Mail Export options. Using the GroupWise Import Export Wizard, you can easily export GroupWise mails and save them as text files on your computer. Later on, you can import the exported file into another application an access the data stored within it.

In this article, I am going to discuss the method by which you can access your GroupWise Emails in to MS Outlook.

Steps to export GroupWise Emails to Outlook:

1. Click Windows.
2. Go to "Start" > All Programs.

3. From the program groups click "Novell" then, open “GroupWise”.
4. Click "Inbox" from the left panel of GroupWise Email Client.

5. From the inbox, click the email message that you want to be exported. The selected email message will be highlighted. You can select multiple GroupWise email messages by holding the "Ctrl" key and selecting each e-mail to be saved.

6. Right click the selected email messages and click "Save As."

A configuration window will open after clicking "Save As”.

7. From the format options, choose "HTML Message” to save the selected email messages.

After choosing the “save as” format, you need to choose the location to save the output file.

8. From the drop-down box, select the option “Save to Disk” and check the “Report file name conflicts” check box.

9. You can choose to save the exported files into current directory by clicking the browse button (next to the "GroupWise Directory" text box) in the save window and then, choosing a location from the current directory.

You can also create a new folder on your disk or Desktop for saving the exported mails.  If you do not choose any save location, then the exported emails will be saved to "GroupWise" directory by default. 

10. Finally, click the "Save" button to save the selected (highlighted) items.

This will save all of selected email messages on the selected location. It may take few seconds to minutes depending on the number of message and attachments. After completion of the Email export process, the "Save" dialog window will close automatically and the selected email messages will be stored on your hard drive at the location specified by you. You can use the saved mail file as a mean of backup or for importing the saved items to some other application.

Alternate Solution : If you want to save your time and efforts in carrying out the above complex and time consuming method to convert GroupWise mails to Outlook PST, then you can give a shot to Stellar GroupWise to PST Converter, that will make automate the whole conversion task and with a few clicks your GroupWise mails will get converted in Outlook supported format in a timely manner. The software can also be downloaded from here -


  1. Hi. i delete a e-mail from deleted items box accidentally in outlook 2013.
    is there any recovery way for this situations. on my outlook recovery deleted items button is offlien

    1. Hi Kutay,


      I hope it would help.

  2. Hi,

    I am trying to recover my groupwise inbox mails, actually i have a groupwise mailbox backup (not .pst file), but my user account has been closed. Is there some way I can open my backup on outlook or groupwise to retrieve mails?

  3. Amazing to see that it is fully compatible with GroupWise 14. Now, I can plan to migrate from GroupWise to Outlook 2013 on Windows 10 PC.