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How to Fix ‘Exchange Server Error Code 528, 550’?

MS Exchange Server stores all its data in form of storage groups. These storage groups consist of database files, transaction logs, system files (temp.edb file, E##.chk file).The exchange mailbox store stores priv1.edb and priv1.stm files. What will happen if the MS Exchange Server database gets corrupted…?
MS Exchange Server database corruption may lead to inaccessibility of mailbox, loss of all the Database and public folders and may also lead to several kinds of errors.
In order to get rid of all these troublesome situations, you need to repair EDB files. 

How would you know that EDB file got corrupted...?
You can do a time to time evaluation by checking functioning of your Exchange Server Database.
  • Are you getting some problem in accessing EDB file form Exchange Server Database?
  • Are you getting any Exchange Server Database error code while synchronizing or shutting down your system
If you are getting these problems then, it is sure that your Exchange database has got corrupted.

You might me thinking that you can restore from the backup server and then, easily restart Exchange Server services after restoring from a backup. Probably, everything should work fine then. Well, you can do it, but it may give some errors and the information service might fail to start.

  • You can face any of the below problem:
  • When you attempt to move the sys and log files, and leave them empty, you get “Error -528” error message.
  • You cannot start the Exchange Server services. You get “Error -550” error message.
  • Exchange Server database is marked as suspect and dirty shutdown.
  • Database does not come up after deletion of log files, which are “not committed."
Causes for Exchange Server Error Code 528, 550:
Error Code 528: It corresponds to JET_errMissingLogFile.When you attempt to move the sys and log files (Edb.log and Edb.chk files) of MS Exchange Server database, and those are missing from the Exchsrvr\Mdbdata, you get “Error -528”.
Error Code 550: It occurs due to inconsistency in backup. It leads to failure of successful restore. It may happen when the backup software and Exchange Server was on-line, and you are running eseutil.exe or trying to start the Microsoft Exchange Directory service.

Let’s move ahead, to know the ways to deal with the above described error codes.
The remedies for the problem are:
  • soft database recovery by using Eseutil /r command
  • hard repair by using Eseutil /p command
  • Third-party Exchange Recovery Tool.
These tools provide you an easy to use interface that helps in repairing the damaged Exchange Server database files (.EDB files). The Exchange Server recovery software recovers mailboxes into usable PST file. You can import the PST files to your MS Outlook application and regain access to inaccessible mailboxes.   


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