Thursday, 11 October 2012

Benefits of Migration from Apple mail to Outlook 2011

From a long time, I was using Apple Mail 5 with my Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion". I was planning from a long time to switch to some other Email client, I was happy to find that Mac Outlook 2011 has been launched.

Now I have switched to Outlook 2011 and really I have found the experience worth sharing.
I am enjoying the set of features given by Outlook 2011; it is jam-packed with a lot of interesting features and customizations. It has really made my Emailing experience joy able. As, I was previously using Apple mail, I found Outlook 2011 far much better than Apple mail in many areas.
I am sharing some of distinctive aspects that bounded me to use Outlook 2011:
  • It offers increased E-mail sending speed.
  • It offers integrated support for various applications such as E-mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes. It also offers various keyboard shortcuts to switch between these utilities
    • E-mail: ⌘+1
    • Calendar: ⌘+2
    • Contacts: ⌘+3
    • Tasks: ⌘+4
    • Notes: ⌘+5
  • It offers a better and advanced search to locate your message as compared to Apple mail even, you can also write your own raw query
  • It offers better grouping of Conversations. You can easily find the original message along with all associated replies, besides these you can find the other relevant data too, such as the last person to reply.
  • The features that made my user experience awesome with outlook 2011 are the adjustable reading pane, better Meeting Scheduling based on an E-mail and preview of “My Day” tab and a lot more.
You must try it yourself too. If you are also willing to switch to Outlook 2011 then, give it a chance.
I will be happy to hear from you about your experiences with the Outlook 2011 application. Your comments are welcome.


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