Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Read this: Before you decide to Migrate Apple Mail to Mac Outlook

Apple mail comes as default Email Client with Apple Inc.'s Mac OS X. From a long time, I am using Apple mail as Email client in my Mac OS x. It’s simple to use but sometimes its limited functionality and flaws make me rip my hairs off. I am looking for an email client that possesses better functionality. It’s nice to hear that Outlook 2011 for Mac has been launched. I am unable to decide whether to migrate from Apple Mail to Mac Outlook or not.

I have gathered some information from web regarding the set of features provided by both Email clients so, that I can have a comparative study. I am sharing the summary of my findings; it will prove useful for those who want to migrate from Apple Mail to Mac Outlook 2011.

Prominent features of Apple Mail
  • It provides you a clean and easy-to-use interface.
  • It provides you support for multiple POP, IMAP, Exchange as well as iCloud accounts
  • It offers you various types of mail filters.
  • Separate ".mbox" files are generated for storing different email folders thus, in case of corruption to any particular folder; rest mail archive will not be lost.
  • It doesn’t handle calendars and contacts. Address Book and iCal applications handle all these features.
Prominent features of Outlook 2011
  • It provides a better look and feel. You will find it as a combined mixture of the interface provided by Entourage, Outlook 2010, and Apple Mail.
  • It provides ribbon interface that helps you manage different functional groups.
  • It offers various improved functionalities such as calendar, appointments, meetings schedules, and events etc.
Similarities between Apple Mail & Outlook 2011
  • Both Apple Mail and Outlook 2011 supports “Overlay multiple calendars”
  • Both Apple Mail and Outlook 2011 provides Faster “Time Machine backups”
  • Both Apple Mail and Outlook 2011provides the option to “Create a meeting from a message
  • Both Apple Mail and Outlook 2011 provides “Calendar preview in meeting requests”
  • Both Apple Mail and Outlook 2011 supports “Read receipt” feature.
Apple Mail v/s Outlook 2011
  • Apple Mail does not support Categories but Outlook 2011 does.
  • Resend email features is supported by Apple Mail but it is not present in   Outlook 2011
  • Favorites bar option is present in Apple Mail but not present in Outlook 2011
  • Apple Mail provides Safer email storage as compared to Outlook 2011
  • Outlook 2011 Displays photos of your contacts in email, contacts, calendar but  Apple Mail  displays photos in case of email, contacts only
  • Outlook 2011 synchronizes calendar, email, tasks, notes, categories, contacts with Exchange server but Apple Mail synchronizes calendar, email and contacts only.
  • Apple Mail doesn’t Display contacts, tasks, calendar at a glance when program is closed but Outlook 2011 does.
  • In Apple Mail “Remove attachments” option is provided but it is not present in  Outlook 2011
  • Apple Mail provides better email archives as compared to Outlook because in case of Outlook all the email data is stored in a single file. In case of corruption the whole database file needs to be rebuild and it might be possible that the rebuild will not help you to recover all your data, some data may turn unrecoverable.
  • Outlook 2011provides you the option to create and use categories but Apple Mail does not possess such feature.
As far as my findings say, Outlook 2011 seems to be astounding in feature set as compared to Apple Mail. I am going to give it a try, Let’s hope it’s going to make my Emailing experience better than before.


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