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Why Do You Need MBOX File to PST File Conversion?

MBOX file format is used by email clients such as Thunderbird, Entourage, Spicebird, PocoMail, Eudora and Apple Mail, all the mail data (emails, contacts, notes, calendar entries etc.) in these Email Clients is saved in MBOX file format.
These mailbox files store each email message that you receive in sequential order in plain text format within single text file.  Eudora and Thunderbird Email Clients use .mbx file format, it’s a complex modification of MBOX file format. 

Why do you need to convert MBOX File to PST File?
In my previous post, I have discussed some of its features that make MS Outlook more popular and deployed than other email clients. Its multifarious features make the business users switch from their current Email Client to Outlook; it provides features that make it usable and poplar as an email client as well as personal info manager.

MBOX format is not supported by outlook so If you are also willing to switch to outlook. The next step is to convert the MBOX data into something i.e. PST file that the Outlook/Exchange world can understand. There is no manual method to convert MBOX File to PST File So, you need a MBOX to PST Conversion tool to Convert MBOX Files to Outlook PST Files. After converting MBOX File to PST File format, you can easily import the converted PST file into Outlook.

MBOX to PST Conversion tools let the user convert the MBOX File to PST File in few moments, you can also convert an entire identity folder containing multiple MBOX files to PST files. The conversion tools are highly reliable, easy to use and make the conversion process easier to handle.The MBOX to PST Conversion tools follow some common features however, these features may vary from tool to tool, different MBOX to PST Conversion tools possess different features.

Some common Features of MBOX to PST Conversion tools:
  • The Email formatting and original hierarchy remains intact after the conversion process.
  • Before saving  and importing the converted emails , the software shows the Preview of all converted emails
  • Supports Thunderbird, Entourage, Spicebird, Pocomail, AppleMail, and Eudora mail clients
  • Either you can save the converted mails into a new PST file or into an existing PST file.
  • Provides search feature that let you find the file that is to be converted.
               As, I have discussed above Outlook provides more functionalites as compared to other Email Clients.If you are also willing to switch from your current Email Client to Outlook then, you need to convert your MBOX File into PST File, choose some proficient MBOX to PST converter utility install, browse, open and convert MBOX File to Outlook PST format. Now, import the converted PST file to Outlook and enjoy working with the feature set and various functionalities of Outlook after importing all your data into outlook.


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