Wednesday, 12 September 2012
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How to Recover Corrupted Lotus Notes files?

In this article, you will study how to do recovery of corrupted Lotus Notes files. Before going ahead, it would be better to have a brief introduction with Lotus Notes and its file format. This introduction will surely prove helpful to understand the Lotus Notes Recovery process.

First thing, what Lotus notes is?
Lotus notes is a proprietary of IBM, it provides a collaborative client-server platform and other functionalities (email, calendaring, contacts management, to do tracking, instant messaging .Lotus Domino is the application server. Lotus Notes client provides access to Lotus Domino applications and databases and it also work in collaboration with IBM Lotus Symphony which is an office productivity suite. Both Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino work in collaboration with numerous add-ons and business .applications.

What is the format of Lotus Notes databases?
Lotus Notes database is in NSF file format, ODS (On Disk Structure) is the other term that is used for NSF format. The user data, metadata and also design information is contained within NSF files.

Lotus Notes databases consist of many types of .NSF Files such as:
Mailbox: It stores Lotus Notes mails.
Address Book: It is also called names.nsf and it contains multiple contact records stored on a users PC.

What are the Reasons for Corruption of NSF File?
  • Unexpected system shutdown
  • Failure of hardware components
  • Fatal Virus Infections
  • Abrupt system shutdown
  • NSF file header corruption
  • Corruption during migration
  • Checksum mismatch
  • improper manipulation of database,
  • Server crash, configuration issues etc.
  • operating system or file system issues
Due to corruption of NSF file all your Lotus Notes Database becomes inaccessible. In such situation you can restore the Lotus Notes from a backup but, if you do not have any backup then, you need a NSF file recovery tool. These tools efficiently scan the corrupt NSF file to recover your vital data with the use of advanced and indigenous algorithms.