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Migration from Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook

There are many email clients are available such as Outlook Express in Windows XP, Windows Mail in Windows Vista, similarly Windows live mail is the basic email client for window 7, it is one of the most popular email client provided by Microsoft. Its functionality is similar to MS Outlook in various aspects. Window live mail is a free of cost email client; it’s a default email client in Windows 7 and comes with the installation of window 7
Some features of Window live mail:   
  • Multiple email accounts organization: It organizes multiple email accounts (Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail) on a single system.
  • Don’t need MS Exchange Server: It performs information sharing with out the use of MS Exchange Server so you can access your emails in the absence of Internet
  • Stores data in standard EML format: Windows Live Mail “store folder “contains individual folders for all users where the emails are stored in standard EML format.
Above given are some useful features of Windows Live Mail that makes it an efficient email client however, it has some flaws that make MS Outlook to be preferred over it.

Below are some crucial features that make Outlook more efficient as compared to Windows Live Mail:
  • Data confidentiality in Outlook: Outlook data is stored in the local system which makes it more confidential and safe. 
In Window Live Mail, The data (i.e. EML files) is stored on the Internet cloud which is susceptible to attack by hackers, thus it lacks confidentiality of data.
  • Outlook provides more features: Outlook provides a multitude of features (such as contacts, calendars, notes, journals.)For business personnel that are not present in windows Live Mail, that makes Outlook more popular than windows Live Mail.
  • UTF-8 technolgy in Outlook: Outlook facilitates its earlier versions too, as it uses UTF-8 technology with the help of which it can represent every character in Unicode character set that makes it compatible with earlier versions.
Windows Live Mail doesn't use UTF-8 technology.
  • Image format compatibility in Outlook: Outlook supports the image formats BNP, GIF, PNG but Windows Live Mail is not compatible with these image formats.
Currently, if you are using Windows Live Mail and willing to enjoy the various advanced feature of MS Outlook, then you need to switch form Windows Live Mail to Outlook.
But the Question that arises here is that “how to import Windows Live Mail data to Outlook by your own?” As you know Windows Live Mail stores the data in EML format and outlook supports PST file format, so, if you can convert the old EML data to PST file then you can easily import that to Outlook and resume your emailing process.

But how this conversion can be done??...
Here, Comes the need for Windows Live Mail to PST Conversion tools, these tools provides you various features that let you convert EML file to PST file. Well, it is just a short introduction to windows Live Mail to PST Conversion process, In my next post, you can read more points about  Windows Live Mail to PST Conversion tools So, be in touch.


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