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What is Outlook error code 0x8004010f?

Whenever, Outlook client is used in Exchange environment then, all Outlook mailbox data is saved in OST file format in the local user system. Sometimes, an Outlook user has to face many issues and errors while working with Outlook in Exchange environment. The most common and possible reason for the prompted error codes is generally OST file corruption or synchronization related issues.

Outlook error code 0x8004010f is one of the most common Outlook errors generally faced by new user accounts created on Exchange. My main objective behind the current article is to let the Outlook users get a brief idea about the Outlook error code 0x8004010f and its possible causes.

What is Outlook error code 0x8004010f?
0x8004010f is a general MAPI error code and it may be caused in various situations such as:
  • While downloading  the OAB files
  • While synchronizing an offline address book
  • While send/receive operation etc.
Why does error 0x8004010f occur for new Exchange accounts?
Exchange server takes around 24 - 48 hours to generate the offline address book for new user accounts created on Exchange. Meanwhile, if an Outlook client tries to download the Offline Address Book then, user will get the error 0x8004010F error that indicates the failure while downloading the Offline Address Book.
So, if you are a new user and facing the same error then, you need not to worry but if the problem still persists after 48 hours, then you need to download the Offline Address Book manually in Outlook.
To download the Offline Address Book manually:
  • Go to 'Tools'
  • Click 'Send/Receive'
  • Then, select 'Download Address Book'
  • And finally click ‘OK’ to accomplish the OAB download process.
The above discussed, is the case for new user accounts on Exchange. But it might also happen that you have an old user account on Exchange but still you are followed by the error code 0x8004010f.In that case there are several possible cases that lead to the error 0x8004010f. In next article I am going to discuss the common possible causes for error code 0x8004010f with regards to downloading the OAB files.


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