Wednesday, 2 January 2013
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How to backup PST files in Outlook?

In my previous article entitled,” What is the need to backup PST files in Outlook?” I have discussed the need to backup PST files in Outlook. You can backup the PST files either by manual method or by using some software. 
In this article I am going to discuss some simple steps to create a backup copy of the Outlook PST files.

Follow the given steps to Backup PST files in Outlook:
First close Outlook and follow the given steps:
1.Click Start, Go to ‘Control Panel>Mail>Show Profiles’.
If you get a 'Pick a category' screen, then Go to ‘User Accounts>Show Profiles’.
2.Select the appropriate profile, and then open 'Properties'.
3.Click ‘Data Files’.
4.Now select the PST file (that is to be copied) from the name list under 'Personal Folders Service'.
5.Click ‘Settings’ to get the file name and path.
6.Copy the selected PST file with the help of 'Windows Explorer' or 'My Computer'.

You can save this copy of PST file at any desired location on the hard disk drive or any other storage device.
If you have more than one set of PST files under 'Personal Folders Services' in your profile, then need to repeat the above steps for each set of PST files.
If the PST file gets corrupt, then you can restore the mail data from the backup PST file.

But what if you forgot to backup the PST files?
If you don’t have any backup copy of PST file and your PST file gets corrupt. Then, you need some PST repair software to repair the corrupt PST file to recover the items within it. You can repair the corrupt PST file with the help of 'inbox repair utility' tool that is inbuilt within Outlook. But there are several cases when this tool fails to recover the corrupt PST file.

In such situation, you need some third party PST repair software that can repair the corrupt PST file and let you access the emails, attachments, calendar items and other mail items stored within it that were previously inaccessible.


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