Thursday, 8 November 2012

How to convert NSF File to PST File with Migration Wizard?

In my previous articles, I have discussed about the Lotus Notes Email Client and several scenarios in which a user would like to switch from Lotus Notes to Outlook. If you are also willing to migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook then, you will need a tool that can convert your NSF Files to PST File format that can be accessed in Outlook. There are several NSF to PST software available in market that let you perform hassle free NSF to PST conversion.
If you don’t want to purchase any conversion software then, you can use Migration Wizard (MAILMIG.EXE) that is a free utility given by Microsoft.

Some prominent features of Migration Wizard:
  • It lets you migrate from foreign email platform to Exchange.
  • It lets you migrate from older versions of Exchange to Exchange 2003.
  • It supports migration from Migration Files, cc:Mail, MS Mail for PC Networks, Lotus Notes and Internet Mail (IMAP4) etc.
Before running the Migration process keep in mind that:
  • Exchange services must be running
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) must be active (If you are using Exchange 5.5 as the source server).
  • Migration of mailboxes from the source server is not possible, if the source server and the server running the Migration Wizard are parts of the same Exchange 2003 organization.
How to Run Migration Wizard?
  • Click Start
  • Go to Microsoft Exchange
  • Then, Go to Deployment –-> Migration Wizard
  • Start the Migration Wizard --> Select the type of migration
  • You can choose to migrate users, mail or schedule information from your Lotus Notes or Domino server.
  • Now, choose the destination computer to which you want to migrate your Lotus Notes data.
The benefits of using Migration Wizard
While converting NSF File to PST then, you will observe several benefits of using Migration Wizard such as:
  • It lets you Migrate embedded document links in messages: When you convert the Lotus Notes NSF File to Outlook PST File then,  the document links embedded in messages are converted to URL shortcuts, RTF attachments or OLE attachments so, that the embedded links can be accessed in Outlook.
  • It lets you Migrate group scheduling (i.e. the calendar and to-do list functions) from Lotus Notes to Outlook.
  • It lets you perform an easy migration of regular emails as well as emails with attachments without any issue.
For those, who want to convert NSF file to PST file for free, Migration wizard is a good choice but there are some limitations of the Migration wizard utility where an efficient migration process couldn’t be performed or the Migration tool fails. In such cases, you will require a third party NSF to PST converter to enjoy flawless migration from Lotus Notes to Outlook.


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