Monday, 5 November 2012

How to backup Microsoft Entourage message Data?

In my previous articles related to Microsoft Entourage Email Client, I have already discussed the Database and File format in Microsoft Entourage. Microsoft Entourage uses MBOX file format to store its all mail data. In this article, I am sharing ‘how to backup the message folders in Microsoft Entourage?’ The procedure that, I am going to discuss here can be used to create backup of message data only, you can’t apply this procedure for creating backup up of Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, or Notes folders.

You can create backup of your Entourage message data by using ‘Drag and drop method’ to create MBOX Files.

The step by step process is given below:

1.Open Microsoft Entourage application.
2.Resize the Entourage program window so, that Your Mac desktop is visible.
3.Go to View menu.
4.Click Folder List
5. Then, Go to Folder  List Pane of  Entourage
6.Click the folder that is to be  archived 
7.Drag the desired folder to your Mac desktop.

This will automatically create a file with the same name as the selected folder. Thus, now you have created archive of your message folder as a separate MBOX File.

Whenever, you apply these steps to backup a parent folder, the subfolders are excluded in the generated MBOX file. You need to repeat this procedure for all folders that you want to be archived as a MBOX file. Thus, by using these simple steps you can create archive of your Entourage message folders. These MBOX archive files can be easily imported by using the Import Wizard of Entourage application whenever needed and can prove to be helpful in case of any disastrous or data loss situation.


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