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Do it Your Self (DIY): EDB to PST Conversion

Microsoft Exchange server is growing in popularity day by day. It is a server-based email client which is used in small and big business the organization within and outside organization for smoothing the communication flow via emails.EDB files are easily prone to corruption  which lead to inaccessibility of the important data and information. Maintenance of Exchange servers and there database  need  very sophisticated system setup.EDB file corruption  might cause devastating effects on your business and hamper functioning of the organization.

What to do if your EDB file got corrupted?

You can easily restore you data from updated backup if your EDB file got corrupted.The EDB corruption problem becomes more severe,if you don’t have updated or recent backup of your exchange database.

No need to worry in that case too , the solution then is to use  exchange repair and convert tools for smoothest and advanced repairing and restoring your damaged EDB files.If you are sufering from data loss due to physical damage of the mail server then  professional data recovery services can help you to recover your data.

However, Sometimes the physical damage is so severe that it  falls outside the scope of any recovery software. So, It is always better to keep an upadated backup of your EDB database.

Some common features of EDB to PST Conversion tools are discussed below.
However, these features may vary from tool to tool.

  • You can convert EDB file into PST format and then, easily access that by importing into MS Outlook.
  • EDB File is converted to PST file without any modification in the original data and format. 
  • You can extract all your mail components such as Contacts, Tasks, Appointments Notes, Journals, and Draft etc.
  • You can perform the conversion process in online mode as well as off-line mode. Offline conversion is done when there is a scheduled or planned shutdown of Exchange server. Also, it is faster than on-line conversion.
  • You can convert EDB to EML or MSG Files in offline mode.
  • You can restore accidentally deleted Off-Line EDB mailboxes.
  • You can perform selective conversion i.e. you can convert either any particular, multiple, or all the mailboxes of the Exchange Server. 

EDB to PST conversion tool can easily handle various types of EDB file issues and also in a very convenient way re-built corrupt EDB file to PST file without any trouble. EDB recovery tools help you to easily recover corrupted, deleted, inaccessible EDB mails, Contacts, Tasks, Appointments Notes, Journals, and Draft etc. The EDB to PST recovery software allows you to scan priv1.EDB or Pub1.EDB file and easily read single or multiple EDB mailboxes. EDP to PST Converter software help administrator/user to recover corrupted EDB files and restore them in user mailboxes in a new PST file.


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