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4 most wanted Apps to Synchronize Outlook with Android

Android is an operating system that is used on a variety of Smartphones. If you are a Google App user then you may use "Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook" to synchronize Android and Gmail settings for emails, calendars and contacts etc. If you aren't a Google Apps user then other paid and free solutions are available. There is no single synchronization application in Android devices to manage these settings.

Following are 4 fantastic Apps which impressed me… 
App 1: You can download and install "Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook"

“Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook” is used to import your outlook settings and mail items which are available free of charge for Google Apps business account users. It supports  Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, or 2010 .

To use this app you need to: 
1.Sign up for Google Apps account.
2. Install Google Apps Sync on your system.
3.After installing “Google Apps Sync” you will be prompted to sign in to your Google Apps account.
4. Now, you need to create a Google Apps profile for use in Outlook.
You can import data from your existing Outlook profile to your Google Apps account, and set a few other options. However, you can skip this step if you want to import later.

App 2: "Google Calendar Sync software" to synchronize your Outlook calendar with Google calendar which will sync with your Android phone.

How to do it:
1.Download the Google Calendar Sync software
2.Enter your Gmail account information
3.Select 2-Way sync as this will sync your Outlook with Gmail
4.Set sync interval in minutes
5.That’s it!

After following these steps, whenever you will enter calendar entries in Microsoft Outlook, Gmail or your Android phone, all places will be synced automatically.

 App 3:  "gSyncit" software to synchronize Outlook and Android

It helps you to synchronize your Outlook calendars, contacts, notes and tasks with and Google calendar, documents and Gmail contacts. With the help of gSyncit you can get updates for your Android via your Google account. If any change has been made on your Android then that will be automatically synchronized back to Outlook.

App 4:  "CompanionLink" program to sync Outlook with your Android contacts, calendar and notes.

It synchronizes your information via USB, wireless network, Google or a hosted site. This can be used along with Gmail to have full synchronization between Outlook and Android.CompanionLink works together with DejaOffice on your Android device. DejaOffice is a free CRM app for Android.

For using CompanionLink follow the below steps:
   1.  Firstly Install CompanionLink on your System. then you need to configure it to synchronize with Android using DejaConnect USB.
   2. After installing CompanionLink, install DejaOffice on your Android device. Then,Configure it to use DejaConnect USB.
   3. In the final step, Connect your device to the System, then click the Sync button in CompanionLink.

Also you can synchronize your outlook with Android manually, let’s see how we can do it…
 Synchronize Android manually with Exchange server:
If you are using Outlook with Exchange then android supports a direct connection to the Exchange server to synchronize email, contacts, calendar and tasks.

Set it up by following below steps:

  • Go to "Accounts" section of the menu in Android and then, create a new account
  • Select "Exchange Account" as the account type during the setup process 
  • Enter your domain user name, password and Exchange address in the prompt box
  • You can synchronize any or all of your information. It will also prompt you to enter the information you want to  synchronize
  • After completion of the setup, Android will connect directly to the Exchange server

There are varieties of software available in market to synchronize Outlook with Google or directly with Android. You may choose any of the available software that has the desired set of features.
I hope this post will prove helpful to you for synchronizing Outlook with Android. You can suggest me through your comments…


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