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How to Fix Lotus Notes Error "Attachment found on more than one document"

Nowadays Lotus Notes is becoming a very vital e-mail application that allows you to perform all the mail operations, such as e-mailing, calendaring, scheduling, programming etc. as also present in other e-mail applications like MS Outlook, Outlook Express etc. Lotus Notes Domino server generally employs POP3 & SMTP protocols.
Like PST is for MS Outlook, DBX is for Outlook Express, IBM Lotus Notes consists of NSF file as its data file which enables you to access Lotus Notes database, even in offline mode. Many times while working with IBM Lotus Notes you can encounter various error messages which don’t allow you access many features of Lotus Notes database like sending/receiving e-mails, not allowing you to open the database etc.

Corrupt Lotus Notes database is the main reason for the occurrence of such errors. Along with the database corruption, internal settings also play a major role in the generation of such error messages. In such situations, Lotus Notes users can use different inbuilt utilities such as  Fixup, Compact, update and NT Check Disk utilities to resolve the problems. However, these utilities may create some exceptions which might result in obtaining improper results. Therefore, in order to get proper results, Lotus Notes users can make use of a suitable Lotus Notes Recovery software that can Recover Lotus Notes database with great proficiency.

To illustrate the above problem consider the following example: Suppose you are trying to copy a rich-text field that contains more than one attachment from one document to another Lotus Notes document, you encounter a below mentioned error message:

"Error: Attachment found on more than one document."

The error message clearly indicates that you cant copy a rich-text field due to the presence of attachment on more than one document & hence cannot be copied to another document.


This error occurs when a RTItem containing an attachment is copied via copy item. Moreover corrupt NSF file is also responsible for the occurrence of this error.


In order to solve this error message, you can follow below mentioned steps:

(1) First create a new “NotesRichTextItem”.
(2) After doing this, then use AppendRTItem method on “NotesRichTextItem”.
(3) AppendRTItem Method is given as follows:
Dim docA As NotesDocument
Dim docB As NotesDocument
Dim rtitemA As Variant
Dim rtitemB As Variant
'...set values of docA and docB...
Set rtitemA = docA.GetFirstItem( "Body" )
Set rtitemB = docB.GetFirstItem( "Body" )
If ( rtitemA.Type = RICHTEXT And _
rtitemB.Type = RICHTEXT ) Then
Call rtitemA.AppendRTItem( rtitemB )
Call rtitemB.Remove
Call docA.Save( False, True )
Call docB.Save( False, True )
End If

(4) After completing AppendRTItem method, you can easily copy a rich-text field that contains more than one attachment from one document to another Lotus Notes document.

However, if the above method doesn't solve your problem, then perform Lotus Notes Repair with the help of a suitable third party Lotus Notes Recovery tool. Many tools are available in the market that is specifically designed to repair & restore corrupt Lotus Notes database. Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery is one such software.

Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery tool is a powerful tool to Repair NSF File & hence removes the corruption of Lotus Notes database. This Lotus Notes Recovery software supports IBM Lotus Notes 6.x and 7.x and provides you with an option to restore data in a new NSF file that is saved on any disk and can be detected by a host operating system. 


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