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How to resolve Exchange error -1022 JET_errDiskIO?

In this article, we are  going to discuss about the Exchange error -1022 JET_errDiskIO.  This error occurs due to physical Exchange database corruption. It indicates file level damage in the Exchange database.

To know more about physical corruption, refer my previous article: “How to detect and prevent physical Exchange database corruption?

Exchange error -1022 JET_errDiskIO:

The error -1022 JET_errDiskIO occurs due to a fault in an underlying system. 

Whenever you try to read a file that is severely damaged, some parts of the file data missing entirely or inaccessible due to some other reason, then the error will be prompted:

"-1022 (JET_errDiskIO) The hardware, device driver, or operating system is returning errors".

Why does error -1022 JET_errDiskIO occur?

The above error occurs because of a disk input/output (I/O) failure. Whenever the exchange requests a database page and the operating system cannot gain access to that page due to any reason then the error occurs. In such case, Exchange requests a page number that is larger than the number of pages in the database file. 

The above can also occurs if an incomplete transaction log set is replayed in the database. It can also result to sudden system crashes, system may hang while starting and accessing data. For example: if a transaction is being going on in log 9, it couldn’t not be completed as it has exceeded the database size but the new pages reference has been added to log 10 then what would happen? Such incomplete transaction would lead to error -1022.

Consider one more case, if a transaction replay is to be started from log n and if the administrator deletes the checkpoint file and log n, then the transaction replay could be forced to start from the log n+1. In such case the above error can occur. In case of exchange 2002, this isn’t possible as it prevents such incomplete transaction log replay that can cause damage to the database. It is easily possible in the exchange version 5.5.

Below given are some reasons that make the database pages inaccessible by the exchange server and leads to the error -1022 JET_errDiskIO.

What causes Exchange error -1022 JET_errDiskIO?
  • Damaged/corrupt database file
  • Damaged file system or other Issues in the file system
  • Missing file  elements
  • Truncated file elements
  • improper transaction log replay
  • Other applications are keeping the database pages open, that don’t let exchange to access them
  • Third party software that prevents the Information Store service from accessing the Exchange data

How to resolve Exchange error -1022 JET_errDiskIO?

The resolution method to fix the error may vary according to the error causing factor.
  • If the error occurred due to Damaged/corrupt database file or file system then,
    • Restore Exchange from a backup.
    • verify or repair the file system
  • If you don’t have an updated backup of the data then you need to repair the corrupt data. You can use The Esefile.exe utility to detect errors in databases at the page/ file level.  You can run inbuilt exchange repair utility .i.e. Eseutil.exe utility for repairing corrupt Exchange database
  • The error can occur if other applications are keeping the database pages open, that don’t let exchange to access them. In such case:
    • Restart all Exchange services
    • Then restart the Exchange server
  • Third party software (such as file-level virus scanner) that prevents the Information Store service from accessing the Exchange data. So to avoid the error, always configure the scanner to exclude Exchange data files from being scanned
If all of the above methods fail, then opt for some powerful exchange recovery solution.

You can find many third party exchange recovery solution that provide you the advanced exchange repair features and thus overcome the limitations of inbuilt utilities.

Here I personally recommend “Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery” software. The tool can successfully recover your data in even in cases of severe corruption in which the inbuilt tools badly fails or even denies scanning.

Some features of the software are given below:
  • Quickly and efficiently repair the damaged Exchange Server database files and restore all mailbox data including emails, contacts, tasks, calendar etc. from them.
  • Repairs the corrupt EDB database and save the recovered data to PST format.
  • Capable of performing recovery of Unicode formatted EDB files.
  • Capable of performing recovery of PUB.EDB files
  • Capable of recovering and restoring accidentally or intentionally deleted the user mailboxes from the exchange database
  • Let you preview the recoverable exchange mailbox data before saving it to PST.  Also let you perform selective recovery of the recoverable mail items. From the preview, you can choose to save all recoverable items or only the desired ones.
  • Let you save the Log Report of Entire Recovery Process
  • Provides support for 64-bit MS Office.
  • Provides wide operating system compatibility
  • The supported versions of Operating systems are: Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003 and XP
  • Provides support for MS Exchange 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 and 5.5

To know more about the software, visit:


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