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How to resolve “OST synchronization Error 8004011D-526-80040115-0”?

As you know, OST files are the exact replica of all data on Exchange server. This data includes private as well as public Exchange folders. For each particular mailbox a separate OST file is created on the local user system. The OST file provides the facility to user for working offline.

If you are working in offline mode or there is no connection with Exchange then, any changes made while you were offline will be synchronized with the Exchange database, after the connection with Exchange server is reestablished.

Whenever you install Exchange client for the first time you will asked for confirmation to automatically create Exchange.ost file. If the Exchange client is already installed and you want to create an OST file then you can do so by using the Microsoft Exchange Server driver property page. From there, go to ‘Advanced’ tab and then click Offline Folder File Setting button. After that, follow the wizard steps to create a new OST file.

There can be several reasons when you will not be able to synchronize your OST file with Exchange. 

OST synchronization issues can occur:
  • If there is some network connectivity issues  
  • Or while Exchange Server down time
  • Exchange server computer system unavailability
  • Some malfunctioning with the Outlook application at your client machine
  • Virus attach or some other malicious code running on the system.
  • OST file corruption etc.
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If the OST file couldn’t be properly synchronized with the Exchange data then you have to face several errors while you try to access the OST file data. One of the most common OST synchronization errors is 8004011D-526-80040115-0

In such situation, the OST file  goes in unusable and unworkable mode  and if you try to access it by Outlook email client and the OST file error 8004011D-526-80040115-0 can be prompted. 

If you try to retrieve the OST file contents from its backup then, the problem can be easily resolved but if you don’t have any such backup then, you need to run OST integrity check tool or some OST recovery utility.

OST synchronization error: 8004011D-526-80040115-0

While working with Microsoft Outlook version 2007, you can face the OST Synchronization issue due to any of the above discussed reasons. 

Consider the below case, the Outlook is configured in cache mode with Exchange Server, in which you can download e-mails from server by the offline folders. But while doing so if some network problem occurs then you will face troubles while synchronizing the OST file with Exchange.

When you open the email folder list of your Outlook application then you will find a 'Sync Issues' folder that contains the following error entries:

The error clearly indicates that there is some network connection problem. This error can also occur if there is some user-profile-related issue or if the OST file got corrupt.

Note: The Sync Issues folder stores all OST synchronization logs. The Outlook version before 2003 maintains this OST synchronization info in logs that were stored in the Deleted Items folder. 

The error entries in the log let you find the cause of the trouble and let you find a suitable resolution method.

Also, if you seek advanced help from your organization's support team or Microsoft Exchange server administrator then this information proves helpful for finding the trouble causing agent and way to resolve it. You can view this folder only from your system; it will not be visible from any other system because its contents are saved locally not copied to the server

Some primitive actions that you must take to resolve OST synchronization issue:
  • Wait for sometimes to let the Exchange Server system come online again and resynchronize.
  • Recreate the profile that is experiencing the problem.
  • Run the OST integrity tool to resolve the synchronization issues.
  • Restore the data, is a recent backup is available.
Consider another OST synchronization error log:

 In order to resolve the synchronization issue, try out the given fixes:
  • Disable the anti-virus software installed on your system.
  • Check whether the profile settings are correct or not. Also ensure that the default delivery destinations are MS Exchange service and mailbox.
  • Try to synchronize the OST file using below steps:
    • Go to 'Tool' option
    • Click 'Synchronize'
    • Select the option 'The Folder or All Folders'
  • Re check you all network connections and devices for proper functioning. 
To solve the OST synchronization issues, sometimes you may require creating a new PST file and then, resynchronize it.

Follow the given steps to create a new PST file and resynchronize it:

1. Close all Microsoft applications. 
2. Go to Start> Search, and then select the option For Files or Folders. 
3. Select ‘All files and folders’ option in the search dialog box.
4. Now, type *.ost in the ‘All or part of the’ file name tab,
5. Select hard disk from the Look in list. Then, go to ‘More advanced options’ and check the checkbox ‘Include subfolders’
6. Click Search
You will find the.ost file in the Name column
The default OST file location is: C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook (for Windows 2000, NT, XP and Windows Server 2003) 
Now, Right-click the .ost file and then click ‘Rename’ to rename it with a different file name extension.
7. Click Close to exit the open windows. 
8. Now, Start Outlook.
9. Go to the Tools menu and then click Send/Receive All. 
The above steps will create a new OST file. Later on, when connection with Exchange server is established it will be synchronized automatically.

If these steps don’t help you to resolve the OST synchronization issues then, run OST integrity check tool to resolve the problems. 

To know more about the OST integrity check tool go to my previous post entitled:

The tool let you fix the OST synchronization issues easily. However it fails in several situations such as if the OST file is severely corrupt. What will you do if the tool fails to resolve your OST file synchronization issues?

In such case you require some OST recovery solution that can efficiently fix the OST synchronization and corruption related issues. There is various OST recovery software available in market that let you extract the OST file data i.e. save it to PST file format. The exported PST file can be easily imported and accessed into Outlook. To know more in depth about OST file synchronization issues, read my upcoming articles. 


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