Monday, 25 February 2013
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Getting duplicate mails in Outlook: Read this

Being an outlook user, you have to face duplicate mails in your inbox several times. If the emails are few in count then, it’s okay. But if there are a lot of duplicate emails in your Outlook inbox then, it may make you pierce off your hair. There can be various reasons that may cause Email duplicates in Outlook.

In this article I want to discuss the specific case when a user gets duplicate Email because of the reason that he is running multiple Outlook instances.

Whenever multiple instances of Outlook.exe are being run then, Outlook sends duplicate mail downloading requests to the connected POP3 server that leads the mail to be downloaded multiple times.

So, you must always ensure that you are running only one instance of Outlook.
Follow the given steps:

  • Open taskbar then Right-click and open Task Manager
  • Go to Start Task Manager >Processes tab
  • Click the "Image Name" column, this sorts the running processes in an alphabetical order that will make the searching easy for you. 
  • Check if you are running more than one instance of Outlook.
If there is only one Outlook.exe listed in the list then its fine.
But if more than one Outlook.exe is listed in the list then there are chances of getting duplicate emails.So, to avoid that:
    • Right-click one of the "Outlook.exe" listings shown in the list
    • Click "End Task"
    • After clicking "End Task” confirmation dialog will be prompted.
    • Click "Yes" to confirm.
Now you are done.

It’s good if you take various preventive measures to avoid duplicate mails in Outlook.
But if in spite of that you have received duplicates Emails then, there are two options: either remove the duplicates manually one by one or search some automatic method for doing so.

Isn’t it clumsy if you have to repeat the same manual deletion process for thousands of mails? So, if the count of duplicates is higher then, it’s a wise choice to get some automatic Outlook Duplicate Remover software. The Outlook Duplicate Remover software provides various features that let you remove the Outlook Email duplicates in just no time thus, saves your valuable time as well as efforts.


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