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Common EDB to PST conversion scenarios:

Exchange server stores all the user mailbox data in EDB file format. An EDB file is an exact replica of the OST file stored on user's local system. There can be several cases when you require converting the EDB file to PST format. The most common scenario is, “when you require accessing the Outlook mailbox data when no exchange is available”.

Some users might be thinking that if we do have OST file then, why we don’t convert the OST file to PST file. What's the use of converting EDB to PST?

Up to some point they are right but what if the user system got formatted or lost OST file due to virus attack, system crash or some other reason. In such situation user is left with no other option except getting his mailbox data fetched from EDB file. And this can be done by extracting that particular mailbox from the Exchange database by converting the EDB file to PST format.

Some Common EDB to PST conversion scenarios:
  • When the Exchange Server is down due to maintenance or some other reason. Then, the user mailboxes will be inaccessible. In such situation it’s better to convert EDB files to PST files so, that the users can continue working with their mailbox data. Thus, Exchange server shutdown will not hamper the usual functioning of the organization.
  • If you want to backup the Exchange mailbox data then, you can convert it to PST file format that can be kept separately as Backup database. This is usually suited when you don’t want to backup all Exchange data but want only selected mailbox to be backed up.
  • If you have some archived Exchange database file and you want to access it. Then you can do this by converting it to PST file format and access it directly into Outlook.
  • When you require (being an Admin.) the mailbox data for a single user then, you can simply do it by converting that particular mailbox form EDB database to PST file.
        This might be the case when:
    • The user is being migrated to some other branch or leaving the organization and he wants to access his previous Outlook mailbox data somewhere else.
    • Also, the organization may require backup the mailboxes of ex-employees then, this can be done by performing EDB to PST conversion.
    • Being admin/higher authority you require the mailbox data of a single employee to keep track on or some other reason.
    • If the employee is going on a client location where no Exchange is available  then, admin require to convert his mailbox to PST file format that PST file can be given to him so that , he can access it anywhere simply by using Outlook.
The above discussed are the common situations when you require performing EDB to PST conversion. 
You can convert the EDB file to PST file format with the Help of ExMerge utility. But sometimes it fails to perform an efficient conversion. In such situation you need to buy some full featured EDB to PST converter software.

There are a lot of EDB to PST converter software available in market. You just need to make an ample online search; you can find many software along with Demo version. Try the Demo version and if you are satisfied with the Output of the preview shown by Demo software then, there is no harm in buying the full version, after all it’s about your valuable mailbox data so, penny is not a factor to be considered.


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