Monday, 17 December 2012

Migrate from apple mail to Outlook 2011 using the Mac Outlook import wizard

Today, during my online search, I have discovered some points about Mac Outlook that are worth sharing and helpful for those who want to migrate from apple mail to Mac outlook 2011.
I read the Microsoft guidelines for Mac Outlook that says, you can import messages, accounts, rules and signatures from apple mail to Outlook 2011 using the Mac Outlook import wizard. Also, I have found some forums that contradict this statement and says that Outlook 2011 doesn't natively support an import option for apple mail.

According to Microsoft guidelines: You can import apple mail items to Outlook using the following method.
To follow the given steps first close apple mail and then launch Mac outlook 2011.

Steps to import the apple mail messages to Outlook 2011.
1.Go to File>Import.
2.Select ‘Information from another application’.

3.Click Next.
4.Select ‘Apple Mail’.

5.Click Next.
6.Check all the items you want to import.
7.Click Next.

After completion of the import process, you will be prompted to fill name and password for the respective apple mail account that has been imported.

I am not sure, whether these steps will really work or not. As I have fore stated that along with the above Microsoft guidelines, I have seen some discussions over forums that deny the statement that Mac outlook can directly import files from apple mail to Outlook. If it’s true there might be some bugs in the Microsoft guidelines for Mac Outlook and that need to be corrected.

The main question that arises here is,”How to import apple mail files to Outlook if direct import is not supported?” Well it’s simple, with the help of apple mail to Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 Converter software you can convert the apple mail files to RGE file format that can be easily imported and accessed into Mac Outlook. You can accomplish Apple mail to Mac Outlook migration task in few minutes.


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