Wednesday, 26 December 2012

How to restore a deleted mail from Outlook?

Outlook and Outlook Express data files have a predefined size limit. Whenever the size of PST or DBX increases or exceeds the maximum size limit, it may lead to database corruption or improper functioning of Outlook/Outlook Express application. So, most of the users prefer to delete unwanted emails from their Outlook/Outlook Express account to free the storage space. But they are unaware of the thing that the deleted items still exists and occupies space. Some users prefer to delete unwanted mails so that they can easily search and manage the mails. 
In both of the cases it may happen that unknowingly the user has deleted some important mails and also emptied the deleted mail folder.

Besides the above reasons, there can be several other causes for Email deletion in Outlook Express and Outlook such as:
  • Database corruption
  • Exceeding size of files
  • Virus infection
  • Improper termination of Outlook Express or Outlook application.
While working with Outlook, there can be two scenarios for outlook users:
  • Working on their personal system with no Exchange connection.
  • Working on Outlook with exchange.
Let’s consider the first case when you are using Outlook on your local or personal folder and there is no connection with Exchange.

If the Outlook is not connected with Exchange then, all Outlook mailbox data is saved in your personal system in PST file format. Whenever you delete an item, it goes to Deleted Items folder. If you haven’t permanently deleted the mail from deleted item folder then, you can recover it from the deleted items folder using the below given steps.

Steps to retrieve an item from the Deleted Items folder:

1.Go to menu>Folder List >Navigation Pane, then click Deleted Items.
2.From the given list of deleted items, select the items that you want to restore.
3.Right-click on the selected items, then click ‘Move to Folder’.

From the given list of folders select the folder to which you want to move the items after restore.
You can also drag the deleted items from the Deleted Items folder to another folder to which you want to restore it.

But what if you have emptied the Deleted Items Folder?
Well, you can recover the deleted items from the updated backup of the PST file. If you don’t have backup then, there is no direct recovery option.
So, it’s better and advisable to take a backup of the PST files on regular basis. In case, if some mails get deleted then, the deleted items can be easily restored from the backup file.

Don't have Backup copies of PST files? Don’t worry! You can still recover your deleted item...
Whenever you permanently delete the item from the deleted items folder then, Even after deletion from the deleted items folder the item still exist in the PST file. But as the pointer to the mail is lost, outlook cannot locate the deleted mail. To retrieve the deleted mail, you require a 'deleted email recovery software' that can recover the deleted mail from your PST file and let you access the deleted mail.


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