Thursday, 27 December 2012

How to recover permanently deleted items from Outlook?

In my previous article, ”How to restore a deleted mail from Outlook?” I have discussed the mail deletion scenario when the users are working with outlook on your local/personal system and there is no connection with Exchange.

In this article, I am considering the mail deletion scenarios when the users are working on Outlook with Exchange.

There can be two type of mail deletion. Below is the brief description for them.

1. Soft deletion: The mail deletion scenario, in which the deleted mail first goes to Deleted items folder then gets permanently deleted from the Deleted items folder, is called soft deletion.

When the user deletes the mail then, it goes to Deleted items folder. From the deleted items you can restore the mail to the desired folder as I have discussed in the previous article.

Even after you empty the deleted items folder, you can recover the item.
You might be thinking how this could be possible. Let me explain it further...

When you delete an item it goes to Deleted items folder. When you delete the item from Deleted items folder, where does it go? The deleted items folder still remains in the Exchange database up to a limited time that is called retention period. Those mails get stored in the dumpster from where they can be recovered by using the Recover Deleted Items functionality.

Note: The retention period is generally of 60 days however, it may be more or less that depends on the configuration and settings done by admin.

To use the Recover Deleted Items functionality, it must be enabled by the admin.

By default the Recover Deleted Items functionality is applicable only for Deleted Items folder in a user's private folders. If you want to apply this functionality to other folders (such as Sent Items, Drafts, Inbox and Outbox etc.) too, then you need to make some changes to the registry that I am going to discuss later on.

Steps to recover deleted items using ‘Recover Deleted Items functionality’:
1.Go to Folder List >Navigation Pane, then click Deleted Items.
2.Go to Tools menu the, click Recover Deleted Items.
3.From the list of deleted items, select the items you want to retrieve, and then click the ‘Recover Selected Items’ icon.

The selected items will be recovered and moved to the Deleted Items folder. From the deleted items folder you can move the items to desired folder.

2. Hard deletion:
If the mail items are deleted using ‘shift+Del’ then, they directly goes to dumpster and by passes deleted items folder. Such Dumpster is called hidden dumpster that is not accessible by Recover Deleted Items functionality of Outlook client thus, the Items that are hard deleted cannot be recovered directly by using Outlook client.
To be able to access the entire Dumpster you need to make a Registry change. A Good level of expertise is required for making the Registry changes because if you commit some mistake while making the Registry change then, it may lead to severe data loss situations.

So, to avoid such problematic situation its better to choose efficient deleted email recovery software that can recover the deleted mail from the PST file and let you access the deleted items.


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