Thursday, 29 November 2012

How to export contacts from Windows Mail to Outlook?

In my previous article titled ,”Migration from Windows Live Mail to Outlook”, I have discussed various scenarios when you would like to migrate from Windows Live Mail to Outlook or you would like to use your Windows Live Mail mailbox items into Outlook. You might like to export all your mailbox items or some selected items, it depends on your requirements.

If you want to use your Windows Live Mail contacts to Outlook then, this article is surely going to help you. 
Before adopting the discussed method to export Windows Live Mail contacts to Outlook, you need to check two things that:
  • Outlook is properly installed and configured with your mail account 
  • and it is located on the same computer as Windows Live Mail. 

Follow the given steps to Export Contacts from Windows Live Mail:
1.Go to File-> Export-> Windows Contacts.
2.Select; CSV (Comma Separated Values). 
3.Click 'Export'. 
4.After clicking the 'Export' button, you will get an option to choose the name and desired location to save your export file.
5.Click 'Next'. 
6.Select the desired fields to be exported. 
7.Click ‘Finish’. 

Once you have done with the export process, you need to import the exported file in MS Outlook application to access your contacts.

Follow the given steps to import Contacts into Outlook:
1.Go to 'File' menu then, start the 'Import and Export wizard'.
2.Select the option 'Import from another program or file'. 
3.Click 'Next'. 
4.Then, Select 'Comma Separated Values'. 
5.Click 'Next'.  
6.Browse and choose the csv-file that you exported from Windows Live Mail. 
7.Click 'Next'. 
8.Choose your 'Contacts folder' as the destination folder. 
9.Click 'Next'. 
10.Click 'Finish'. 

Now, you can access all your Windows Live Mail contacts into MS Outlook.

The above discussed procedure is simple though, if you don’t want to perform the export process manually, then choose some software that can convert your Windows Live Mail files to PST file format that can be imported into Outlook. The Windows Live Mail to PST converter software provides you a wide variety of features to export the Windows Live Mail mailbox files to MS Outlook.


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