Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How to fix Error: "Database is corrupt; cannot allocate space"

I have been working with Lotus Notes from last 4 months. It’s an indigenous application by developed by IBM Software and Systems Group; it’s suitable for business users as a personal information manager as well as a multi-featured e-mail client.

Yesterday, I upgraded my Domino server from a prior Domino release. But after the server upgrade, I was unable to access my mail file on the server, each time, I was trying to access my mail file the following error message was displayed.

"Database is corrupt; cannot allocate space".

The error troubled me as I didn’t know what to do in such situation.
After a diminutive online search, I was able to find the solution for my problem.

“Database is corrupt; cannot allocate space”.

If you are facing the above problem then, the Lotus Notes application will not be able to read your NSF file. This is a clear indication that your NSF file has become corrupted or got damaged.

This error indicates the NSF file (Lotus Notes Database File) corruption. There can be several reasons for the corruption of NSF file such as: System Failure, Unexpected System shutdown, Virus Attack etc.
It may also happen due to up gradation of the Domino Server.

You just have to “restore the Files from Backup” to resolve it easily. But it is possible only if you have backup copy with you. So, What If you there is no backup?

In such situation below steps can be helpful:
  • Run  Fixup command line tool(fixup -f )
  • Load fixup -i mail\xxx.nsf
  • Fixup command line tool checks all documents in the database.
  • Run Compact command line tool(compact -i -c -d -K)
  • Load compact -c -i mail\xxx.nsf
Compact command line tool is used to set large UNK table, it ignores errors, copy-style and delete view indexes while creating the UNK table.
  • Run Updall command line tool(updall -R)
  • Create copy of your Lotus Notes Database
  • Access your files on another machine.
If you are still unable to restore your data then you can try Lotus Notes Recovery Software.  These tools possess advanced features and proficient algorithms that can help you to recover from critical corruption situations.“Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery Software” is great software to restore your valuable data.


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