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EDB to PST Conversion Modes

In my previous article "why do you need EDB to PST converter software", I have discussed the need of EDB to PST conversion tools. There are lots of professional EDB to PST converter tools for converting EDB file to PST file.
In this article "EDB to PST Conversion Modes", I want to share the modes of EDB to PST conversion that are supported by these tools. However, these features may vary from tool to tool.

Generally, EDB to PST converter tools supports two modes of conversion:
  • On-Line EDB to PST conversion
  • Off-Line EDB to PST conversion
On-Line EDB to PST conversion:
If you are working over exchange and you need to convert your EDB files to PST then, you can use this conversion mode without taking your exchange offline. Your work will go side by side and the conversion process will not disrupt the exchange services thus, this feature makes the conversion process more efficient and time saving.

In the on-line conversion mode, some EDB to PST tools also offer you the feature to convert On-Line EDB to EML or MSG Files. Converting the EDB files to EML (Email) or MSG (message) files, makes the data easier to access. This makes your files easily importable to MS Outlook and Outlook Express, You can easily view the content within MSG files by importing in MS Outlook and EML files by importing into Outlook Express. Thus, this feature offers more flexibility for EDB to other file-format (PST, EML or MSG) conversion. You can choose the best option according to your ease and requirement.

Off-Line EDB to PST conversion:
This mode of EDB to PST conversion is used when there is a scheduled or planned shutdown of Exchange server. This mode offers a faster conversion process as compared to the online mode. This mode is best applicable when taking your exchange offline doesn’t hinder the communication within the organization or any other task to be performed. So, Take your Exchange offline and enjoy faster EDB to PST conversion process than the online conversion mode.
However, there are other cases too when this mode is applicable.

Lets take a scenario, suppose you are working while your exchange is offline and you got any mailbox deleted accidentally then, what can be done in that situation…??
You can easily restore the Accidentally Deleted Off-Line EDB Mailboxes by using the Off-Line EDB to PST conversion mode offered by the EDB to PST converter tools. But one thing need to be kept in mind that the deleted Mailbox should be within 'Mailbox Retention Period' Otherwise, these tools are not going to help you to recover  the Accidentally Deleted Off-Line EDB Mailboxes.

If you ever need to convert your EDB files to PST file then, you have a lot of choices available in market. These tools offer a multitude of options that makes the EDB to PST conversion process more flexible and easier to handle. The only thing you need to do is select the best one that contains the desired set of features and then, accomplish the EDB to PST conversion process in few clicks.


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