Wednesday, 27 June 2012
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World is Waiting to Experience Advanced Features of MS office 2012

Microsoft has been delivering unparalleled software for offices and workstations for a very long time.Microsoft office 2012 is expected to be released on 2 july 2012 although the release date is not officially announced.Microsoft Office 15 or Office 2012 version is containing a lot of improved features for the Microsft office users.You may read this article to learn more about the features of Microsoft Office 2012 version.

Some modest changes to the overall Microsoft Office 2012 suite will include:
  • New features for Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Lync client etc. Also, it will provide you more video , more social network integration, presentation and the notes etc.

  • Improved meeting system in Outlook 15: It is offered by combining various features like Outlook invitation, PowerPoint Presentation, OneNote notes etc. for online meeting purpose.

  • Cleaner look for outlook: The new look resembles the Outlook Web App. Instead of the vertical stack of buttons in the current interface there are Mail, Calendar and Contacts buttons at the bottom to switch to those views and a menu with the familiar icons for Tasks, Folders and Shortcuts which lets you add them at the bottom as well.

  • Metro look: Metro interface enables users to have access to a new visualization for scheduled tasks. With the Metro interface you can access to a new visualization for scheduled tasks.

  • The co-authoring features: Collaboration in creating office documents using the cloud for co-authorship .It is  useful for creating documents in mobile or portable devices while on the move.

  • Tiled based user interface-Moorea:
    • It offers quick navigation to important features all tilled up in a single place.
    • It provides support to touch functionality and Outlook Web Access enhancement.
    • It lets you place images, text and links to Word documents on a tiled layout
    • Window 8 look: This lets you create layouts with images, text and links to Word documents, on a widescreen grid of tiles into a Windows 8 tablet layout.
    • New application model for developers: Moorea looks like a nice way to build HTML interfaces for content, and the new application model allows developers to create tools on top of Office using JavaScript and HTML.

Other Advanced Features in MS Outlook includes:
  • Peeks feature: It lets users see their schedule, view emailing details, and review tasks all within the same screen.
  • A new Weather Bar feature: It let users check the weather before accepting meeting invites or planning new meetings.
  • Inline replies: It lets users reply to an email in one-click.
  • Multiple email account support: It allows users to view, create, and respond to all email accounts in one place, including Hotmail and other third-party web mail providers.
  • Improved Animations: This allows quick transition between email, calendar and tasks, and navigation takes up less space in the new Metro inspired interface.
  • New Context Commands: These provide simple, visible, one-click commands to keep power users on top of their email flow.

Microsoft office 2012 will bring a drastic change in design and uses by large number of additions and improvement. It will be next generation office productivity suite. I hope that it is going to be a great platform for business development for business projects. Let us wait for the launch of the Microsoft office 2012 and hope for the best to happen.


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